Canon Kills Film Because Apparently Digital is In

Most kids today don’t even know what a film camera is, so to get with the times, Canon is finally ending sales of its one remaining 35mm SLR: the Canon EOS-1V. Read More >>

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Don’t Leave Your Expensive Camera in the Path of a High-Powered Water Jet

If you’ve always wondered how a pre-digital SLR film camera worked, you can either spend hours painstakingly removing all its tiny screws in order to completely take it apart, or just leave it in the path of a 60,000 PSI waterjet which will reveal the camera’s guts in a matter of minutes. Read More >>

How to Turn an Old SLR and Lens Into a Peephole

If you have a knackered old SLR lying around, are game for a project and fancy adding a little quirk to your front door, why not think about creating a photography themed peephole? Read More >>

Congratulations On Your New Camera. What Now?

If you've been extra super special good over the past year, you might have woken up on Christmas Day with a brand spanking new SLR camera under the Christmas tree. Read More >>

The Analogue Gorgeousness of Papercraft Cameras

They may not actually "work" like that folded Leica but these papercraft reproductions of SLRs, Super8s, and Roliflexes are unique in that they're themselves constructed from analogue technologies. Read More >>

The Tiltpod Magnetic Tripod Will Fit in Even the Skinniest of Jeans

Sometimes lugging your full DSLR around is more trouble than it's worth, so you bring a smaller point-and-shoot. But what about when you don't want to lug a full tripod around just to hold your compact digital camera? The Tiltpod could be the answer. Read More >>