Watch NASA Build a 130-Foot Rocket Tank In 60 Seconds

NASA’s Space Launch System rocket will be the most powerful booster humans have ever created. And to power that rocket, you need on big-ass tank of liquid hydrogen built with the largest welding machine ever made. Read More >>

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Why is NASA Building This Massive Football?

Because it has a goal! But a different kind of goal to the ones found on the players' pitch: instead, it’s one to help put astronauts on Mars. Read More >>

NASA’s New Rocket Booster is a Firebreathing God of Thunder

NASA successfully live-fired the new booster for its Space Launcher System. It's the largest, most powerful booster ever built, putting one hell of a scorch mark into the desert. And yes, there's a video. Read More >>

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NASA Approves Construction of the World’s Most Powerful Rocket

For all the super-cool and otherworldly space vehicle and satellite concepts that NASA engineers dream up, only a very small percentage of them ever make it off the drawing board and onto the production line. But the next generation Space Launch System is now part of that select few, having completed NASA's rigorous review process and been found worthy of actual development. Read More >>

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America’s Next Big Space Launch Rocket is a Total Beast

With its forthcoming Space Launch System, NASA hopes to send astronauts further into space than it ever has ever before: to Mars and beyond. And when the first crew does leave to make interplanetary history, they'll do so aboard these rocket engines. Read More >>

This is NASA’s New Giant Crawler For its Next-Generation Spaceship

Things keep moving at Florida's Kennedy Space Center in preparation for the first mission of NASA's Space Launch System and its Orion spacecraft in 2017. The crawler-transporter just passed the "first phase of an important milestone test". Read More >>

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The World’s Fastest Electric Boat Skims Over the Sea at 86 Knots

What happens when you transfuse the 2,200 HP electric drive train from the world's fastest and most powerful production electric car, the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive, into a 38-foot racing hull? You get the world's fastest and most powerful production electric speed boat. Duh. Read More >>