Japanese High-Speed Rail Line Was Brought to Standstill by Tiny Slug That Fried on Power Cable

Japanese rail company JR Kitakyushu says that one small slug was responsible for a power outage and subsequent delays for an estimated 12,000 commuters on a high-speed rail line in Kyushu on May 30, CNN reported on Monday. Read More >>

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Watching a Banana Slug Munch a Bunch of Salad Greens Will Soothe Your Soul

Banana slugs are slow. Like, ridiculously slow. Watching them eat is tantamount to watching paint dry, which is why Canadian photographer R. Jeanette Martin wisely set her phone to record in timelapse mode when she encountered a particularly hungry mollusc in her garden. Read More >>

Sea Slug’s Detachable Penis Grows Back Again and Again After Sex

A penis would rank pretty high on any list of body parts you'd want to be able to grow back if lost. The more replacement penises the better. And for the first time, Japanese biologists have found an animal that can do just that. Read More >>