Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4 Is Bigger, Better, and Launches This Summer

If you want a fitness tracker but don't necessarily fancy dropping a couple hundred quid on something fancy, you're in luck; Xiaomi is launching its Mi Smart Band 4 in the UK this summer for just £35. Read More >>

Paying for Stuff With Your Heartbeat is Now a Thing

Apple Pay’s fingerprint authentication is already miles better than the laughable magnetic strip on our credit cards. To go one better, a company has created a payment system based on heartbeats. Read More >>

Acer Liquid Leap Smartband Jumps Into the Wearable Race

Acer teased the existence of its own wearable smartband fitness tracker a few weeks back, but offered no details with which to back up the news. Today, it's lifted the covers off its Liquid Leap smartband, a stripped-back wearable presumably aimed at the budget end of the market. Read More >>