Google Confirms the Home Hub Smart Display is Real, as if We Didn’t Know Already

The age of the smart speaker is over. Now we live in the age of the smart display, which is basically a smart speaker with a screen slapped on to show you fancy pictures. We already have the Echo Show, Facebook's portal, and Lenovo's Google Assistant-powered tablet, but now Google has just confirmed that the HomeHub is indeed a thing - and not a bunch of fake leaks used to screw with overzealous journalists and bloggers. Read More >>

New Leak Gives Us a Better Look at the Google HomeHub Smart Display

The age of the smart speaker is over. Smart speakers are boring and dull, because you can only use your mouth and ears to interact with them. Now is the age of the smart display, offering all of the same things as a smart speaker, but with some visual and touch aspects thrown in for good measure. Because you can never have too many smart devices in your home. Google has been said to be working on a smart display of its own, tentatively called the HomeHub, and a new leak gives us a better look at what it has to offer. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Plans to Sell Creepy Video Chat Box That Nobody Will Want

Cheddar is reporting that Facebook will soon release a video-chat device that will sit in your home and scan and recognise the face of anyone who passes by. Read More >>

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Amazon and Google’s Dumb Fight About YouTube Videos Makes More Sense Now 

The slap fight between Google and Amazon, in which the two corporations fought over whether the Amazon Show could display YouTube videos, just started to make a whole lot more sense. Google is pushing a whole range of Show-like devices out through Lenovo, Sony, LG, and JBL. They’ll all have YouTube baked right in. Read More >>

Samsung’s Smart Motorcycle Windscreen Is Super Simple and That’s Great

When it comes to smart new features, car drivers get most of the fun. But a new concept from Samsung and Yamaha promises a simple smart windscreem for motorcyclists which could help them stay safe on the roads. Read More >>