Google Glass Gets a Fresh Update With More Powerful Guts – Still Look Dorky as Hell

Almost two years ago, Google parent Alphabet reminded the world that Google Glass wasn’t dead – it just wasn’t for regular consumers. Rebranding Google Glass as an enterprise tool for blue-collar factory workers and doctors was a savvy move that breathed new life into the smart glasses. Today, Alphabet is building on the progress it made in its switch to enterprise with some refreshed hardware for Google Glass. It’s also transitioning Glass from its experimental X division to main Google. Read More >>

CES 2018: The Vuzix Blade Is What Google Glass Always Wanted to Be

When Google Glass was announced back in 2013, it was easy to forgive one of the the first AR headsets for looking awkward and being hard to use. There’s no doubt Google’s first crack at making an optical head-mounted display was ahead of its time. Read More >>

NASA is Going to Try Out Smart Glasses for Astronauts

NASA has announced that it plans to investigate the use of smart glasses in space, for virtual reality and augmented reality applications during human spaceflight – to help with flight operations, repairs or other technical tasks. Read More >>

Sony’s Clip-On Unit Makes Any Glasses Smart

Sony has announced a new display module that clips onto the frame of any piece of existing eyewear, in order to turn it into something more akin to Google Glass. Read More >>

Smart Glasses Footage Allows Bullied Man to Deliver DIY Justice

Clips recorded using a modified pair of sunglasses have enabled a man being bullied in the UK to carry out a private prosecution of his tormentor. Read More >>

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Hands On Epson’s Moverio BT-200: Augmented Reality Lite

A couple years ago we saw Epson's Moverio make its debut. It was kind of like a double-eyed Google Glass, but it had a lot of issues. It was bulky, it was dim, it didn't have any sensors. Basically, it didn't do much. Today, the BT-200 is here, and it's undeniably much better. The only question is, who's it for? Read More >>

Sony to Target Elderly Tech Fans With Wearable Smart Wig Patent?

Sony's engineers have filed a patent for a new form of wearable tech, only this one differs from the watches and glasses currently doing the rounds. Sony's come up with the idea of a smart wig, with embedded rumble tech to tap the wearer on the scalp when they get a message. Read More >>

NYT: Google Glass Is About to Get More Musical

According to a report by the New York Times, Google will today announce a rich new set of musical features for Glass which will provide a better audio experience for those who choose to wear the devices. Read More >>

Google Glass Comes With a 45-Minute One-to-One Chat For Each Buyer

It's getting easier and easier to snag yourself a pair of Google's smart glasses, but there's still plenty that feels exclusive about the things. Like, for instance, the fact that Google insists that you spend 45 minutes talking with them before you use 'em. Read More >>

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This Contact Lens Puts a Display Right On Your Eye

It seems like everyone and their brother is working on some sort of smart glasses, but how about smart contact lenses? It turns out those might actually be closer than you think. Read More >>

Wearing Knockoff Google Glasses Is Even More Embarrassing Than Wearing Real Google Glasses

Vuzix, which specialises in technofancy optics, is so eager to ride the coattails of Google Glasses that it's releasing its own version: the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. The M100 smart glasses run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and have a 720p camera along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and head-tracking sensors. Which means, it's kinda like Google Glasses except that every time anyone asks you if you're wearing Google Glasses you'll have to tell them no, and they'll think you're an idiot for wearing knockoff Google Glasses. Read More >>