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How to Turn Your Smart Speaker Into a White Noise Generator

Those smart speakers you’ve allowed into your home can do more than look up the weather forecast and set timers for your eggs – they’re growing increasingly capable of taking on a host of other tasks, including becoming an ambient or white noise generator. If you need help focusing or falling asleep, a path to peaceful slumber awaits. Read More >>

These Are the Best Smart Home Gadgets to Trick Out Your Pad

The first smart home gadgets from a few years ago weren’t actually very smart, but times have changed, and there’s now plenty of good reasons to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, your sound system, and even your microwave, with some AI-powered voice-detecting smarts. Read More >>

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The Nest Mini Is an Excellent, if Unnecessary, Upgrade

If it ain’t broke, and you manage to sell over 100 million units, don’t fix it. That best sums up the latest version of Google’s Nest Mini (formerly the Home Mini) smart speaker. If you’re in the market for a cheap smart speaker that will occasionally be used for listening to music, it’s still Google’s best bargain. But if you’ve already got a Home Mini, the Nest Mini isn’t worth the upgrade. Read More >>

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Arlo Throws Its Hat Into the Ring With Its First UK Video Doorbell

The home security market just got a scooch bigger with the impending arrival of Arlo's video doorbell next year. Read More >>

11 Clever Uses for Smart Plugs That Make Them Worth Buying

The humble smart plug might not be the most eye-catching or featured-packed smart home device out there, but the ability to turn electrical sockets on and off with a tap on your phone (or a preset schedule) is more useful than you might think – and we’ve got the examples to prove it. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Netatmo Just Launched a ‘Smart Alarm System’ With Three Different Parts

There are about a billion companies out there gunning for the top place on the smart home leaderboards. Netatmo is one of them, and this year it's brought its new 'Smart Alarm System' to IFA - consisting of a camera, windows and door sensors, plus a 'smart siren'. Read More >>

Why Nest Accounts are Becoming Google Accounts and What You Can Do About It

It’s official: if you’ve got a Nest account, you can now swap everything over to your Google account. But should you do it right away, if at all? And why is Google asking you to combine accounts anyway? Here’s everything you need to know if you’ve got Nest-branded smart home gear set up. Read More >>

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How Many of Your Smart Gadgets Can Actually Get a Virus?

You might have noticed the brouhaha over the since-deleted Samsung tweet advising users to run antivirus scans on their smart TVs—but is such a malware attack possible? Just how many of your smart home gadgets are vulnerable to viruses in the same way that your laptop might be? We called in the experts to find out. Read More >>

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This ‘Smart’ Light Bulb Video Is the Most Ridiculous Thing We’ve Ever Seen

People of the 20th century imagined that in the future, we would be zipping around in flying cars and jetpacks. Instead, we’ve got a plummeting life expectancy, the rise of measles, and Twitter Nazis. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Makes Snoozing Alarms Fun Again

In today’s world, it feels like every company is trying to spruce up old tech with the power of the internet. We got smart locks, smart lights, smart vacuums, so why not a smart alarm clock? But with so many people opting to set alarms on their phones rather than manage yet one more device, what’s that point? Well for one, because snoozing an alarm with a smack is a hell of a lot more fun (and easier) than trying to hit a random software button on the phone you just knocked onto the floor. Read More >>

Apple’s Got a Fresh Plan to Make HomeKit Actually Useful

When it comes to smart home platforms, Apple HomeKit’s been sort of like the ugly stepchild. Smart home devices were much slower to adopt it than Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and even though it works well, it required a bit more research to make sure the devices you were buying specifically supported it. Read More >>

Here’s What You Should Know About the Upcoming Nest/Google Account Migration

At Google I/O 2019, Google announced it was renaming the Google Home Hub smart display to be the Google Nest Hub while also combining the two brands into a presumably more harmonious single entity. Now Google wants Nest users to better understand what’s happening. Read More >>

Nest, as You Knew It, Is No More

There was a lot of news at Google’s I/O developer conference this year, but when it came to the smart home, one thing stuck out. Nest, which Google bought back in 2014 for $3.2 billion (£2.5 billion), has been fully absorbed and rebranded as Google Nest. Read More >>

With Nest Hub Max, Google Added a Camera and Ruined the Best Thing About the Home Hub

Over the past two years, Google’s made a lot of strides when it comes to smart home tech—to the point where the Google Home Hub is our smart display of choice. At this year’s I/O developer conference, it seems like Google’s doubling down with the Nest Hub Max. Read More >>

This Simple Tool Will Reveal the Secret Life of Your Smart Home

We live in the glorious future that technophiles have long dreamed of. Almost everything can now connect to the internet: cameras, coffee pots, televisions, vacuums, toilets, children’s toys, sex toys. If you build it, a wireless connection will come for it. These smart devices are always on, always connected, and often up to more than you realise. Read More >>