New Phillips Hue Smart Light Hack Uses Old Chain Reaction Vulnerability

The Internet of Things is full of insecure and somewhat dubious gadgets, but Philips Hue has generally had a decent reputation – a big reason why it’s one of the more popular brands in the space. However, researchers from Check Point Software have found that an already-known vulnerability with Hue lightbulbs could still be exploited to take control over your home or corporate network. Read More >>

CES 2020: Philips Hue Has a Very Welcomed Software Update and 3 New Outdoor Lights

After a slew of releases in the back half of 2019, Philips Hue is back at CES 2020 showing off an essential software upgrade to its Sync Box, bringing another feature out of beta, and adding three new products to its range of outdoor lighting. Read More >>

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The Philips Hue Sync Box Turned My Living Room Into a Whirlwind of Colour

I’ll admit it, there’s something about RGB lighting that just makes everything better, whether its glowing gaming peripherals that pulse with the action, or just thoughtfully placed smart lights to enhance the mood. However, up until recently, the only way to get Philips Hue’s Sync system to work in your living room was to hook your TV up to a PC, which isn’t really ideal. But with the new Hue Play HDMI Sync Box (or just Sync Box for short), you now have the ability to sync your Hue lights with whatever is playing on your TV to create a whirlwind of colours in your living room. Read More >>

Now You Can Easily Sync All Your Philips Hue Lights With Your TV

With the Play HDMI Sync Box Philips Hue users can finally sync all their lights to their TVs. One of the dreams of having smart lights is being able to sync those lights with whatever movie or TV show you’re watching to create a symphony of light and sound. However, for people with Philips Hue smart lights, the main avenue for doing this up until now has been the Hue Sync app, which only worked on PCs or Macs, which meant you often had to do awkward things like connect a laptop to your TV, or have a really long cord running to a nearby desktop to make things work. Read More >>

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IFA 2019: Philips Gave Into the Hipsters and Made Hue Filament Smart Lights

Philips Hue has one of the widest and most popular ranges of smart lights on the market, but its portfolio does have a few holes. Or at least it did, because this fall, Hue is releasing a new lineup of connected LED bulbs including new candle bulbs, refreshed spotlights, an updated portable smart light, some lighting accessories, and some hipster-friendly vintage-style Edison bulbs. Read More >>

Philips Hue’s New Bluetooth Bulbs Make It Cheaper to Try Out the Best Smart Lights

Despite being one of the most popular smart light platforms on the market, one of the disadvantages of Philips’ Hue system is its need for a bridge. That means getting started with Hue tended to cost a bit more than competing platforms, because to control even one light, you needed a hub. Read More >>

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This ‘Smart’ Light Bulb Video Is the Most Ridiculous Thing We’ve Ever Seen

People of the 20th century imagined that in the future, we would be zipping around in flying cars and jetpacks. Instead, we’ve got a plummeting life expectancy, the rise of measles, and Twitter Nazis. Read More >>

Lutron Teamed Up With Philips to Solve One of the Most Annoying Things About Smart Lights

After living with smart lights—especially smart lights connected to a voice assistant—it’s hard to go back. However, one of the most annoying things about smart lights is when guests who aren’t familiar with your lighting system come over and start messing things up. Read More >>

Lenovo Wades into the Smarthome Gold Rush with Some Very Cheap and Convenient Gadgets

Along with anything related to smart speakers and voice assistant integration, one of the biggest gold rushes in tech is the rapidly expanding smarthome market. And with companies both new and old trying to find a way in, there’s a lot of a confusion among consumer about which brands are legit. Read More >>

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Philips Hue’s New Lamps Look Like the Slickest Way to Throw Colours on Your Walls

There are a lot of dumbass smart gadgets out there, but smart lights aren’t one of them. Yet while Philips Hue remains the leader in intelligent lighting solutions, some of the company’s recent releases, such as this range of outdoor lighting options, have seemed useful – but not super exciting. With the new Hue Play and Hue Signe, however, Philips has made some slick new lamps to help add some colour to your home. Read More >>

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Philips’ New Hue 2.0 Hub Gives Siri Control of Your Home Lighting

Philips has announced the newest incarnation of its smart light system, Hue. While the hub may have changed from a circle to a more rounded square, much is still the same — with one key exception — HomeKit. Read More >>

Street Lights 2.0: Let There Be iPad-Controlled Light

Westminster Council has announced that, following a successful pilot scheme, it will give all 14,000 of its street lights brains over the next four years. The smart bulbs will work in a similar way to the Philips Hue range, in that they can be controlled remotely via an engineers iPad. Read More >>