The Zanco Smart Pen Is a Modern Day Talkboy 

Zanco’s Smart Pen isn’t actually a pen, it’s barely a phone (and not very smart), and the company behind it sounds like an outfit that supplies Wile E. Coyote with an assortment of random gadgets. But if Kevin McAllister was trying to defend his home from a bunch of crooks today instead of back in the 90s, the Smart Pen would absolutely be one of the go-to tools in his arsenal. And for a little as $60 (~£46.50), the Smart Pen’s silly gimmickry doesn’t really exceed its price. Read More >>

Livescribe Smartpen 3: Note Taking Magic in a Luxury Package

So you want to take hand-written notes but you don't want to transcribe them onto your computer? No problem. Livescribe's new Smartpen 3 is a magic note-taking tool that automatically translates your scratches and scrawls through an iPad or iPhone app. Read More >>