Up Close with Ring: Maybe Smart, Definitely Gigantic 

In the wide world of crowd-funding unicorns, smart rings have been hustling for the top of the heap. Among them is Ring, a gesture device that promised to let you someday control your own home with a series of arcane finger wags. I just saw it in action on the CES floor and it seems like it works – but damn does it look stupid. Read More >>

This “Smart” Ring is Another Reason to Never Trust Kickstarter Videos

With $880,998/£562,869 in funding, well exceeding its $250,000/£159,724 asking price, Ring was a smart device that was meant to Bluetooth control everything in your life—except that it doesn't. Not by a longshot. Read More >>

This Wearable Abacus is Basically the World’s Oldest Smart Ring

Smart rings may seem like something from an impossible (or at least highly unlikely) vision of the future, but surprisingly enough, tech you can wrap around your little finger isn't anything new. Just take this itty-bitty abacus from the 17th century as proof. Read More >>