Google Wants to Get Inside Your Football Boots

If there’s one thing football nerds love, it’s playing FIFA. Well, for the more actively inclined, Google is apparently partnering with Adidas and EA Sports by offering up “Adidas GMR Insoles.” Powered by Google’s second-generation Jacquard tag, the insoles will track how well you play on the pitch and translate that into stat boosts for your team in the FIFA mobile game for Android and iOS. Read More >>

UA HOVR Machina Review: Ugly as Sin, but Good For Running

Last year I reviewed Under Armour’s HOVR Infinite shoes, which sync with your smartphone to offer running data from the built-in Bluetooth chip. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed working out in them. I expected the shoes to be more gimmick than substance, but the personalised gait-coaching actually helped me shave two minutes off my average mile time. They died a noble death after I ran more than 300 miles in them. So, as you might imagine, I had higher expectations for the latest addition to the HOVR lineup, the Machina. Read More >>

CES 2020: ASICS’s New Smart Shoes Roasted My Running Form

Despite putting in a lot of hours pounding the pavement, I have never been the fastest runner. It’s not for lack of trying! I do fartleks, interval runs, tempo runs – you name it. I read an absurd number of articles about proper running form, and hyper-obsess over minute differences workout-to-workout from running watches and my UA Hovr Infinite shoes. But after running with ASICS’s Glideride trainers and EvoRide smart shoes at CES, I have a much better idea of what the hell I’m doing wrong. Read More >>

EasyJet’s Vibrating Smart Shoes Will Guide Your Feet Around Foreign Cities

Quick calendar check. Nope, it’s not the beginning of April. EasyJet has unveiled a pair of prototype smart shoes designed as a hands-free way to guide tourists around foreign cities. Read More >>

Correcting Your Golf Swing is Seriously Fun With These Analytical Smart Shoes

Too many everyday objects have been been made unnecessarily smart. Kettles, toothbrushes, coffee machines... shoes. Why would shoes need to be connected to the internet? For good reason, as I found out from Iofit at MWC. Read More >>