Google Home Loses Guest Mode and it Looks Like it’s Gone for Good

The ability to cast content to Google Home speakers just by using your buddy's PIN number has been ditched. Read More >>

Get a Google Nest Mini if You’re One of the Few People Who Actually Pay for YouTube Premium

Perhaps in a push to get people to actually give fork out for its premium services, Google is giving away Nest Minis like crazy. Read More >>

Samsung Shows Off its Mini Speaker Ahead of the Galaxy Home’s Launch

Samsung is giving us a glimpse of its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker even though the full-sized speaker still doesn't have a launch date. Read More >>

The Google Home Mini is Now the Nest Mini

Google's Nest Mini has been unveiled and the second generation smart speaker has had a software and hardware overhaul. Read More >>

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It Looks Like Google Accidentally Let Slip the Launch Date of Its Nest Hub Max

Google has goofed again. After leaking the details of the Nest Hub Max back in March when there was little known about the device, the launch date was briefly posted on a support page on its website before being quickly taken down. Read More >>