Leaked Slide Shows Google to Add Stadia Support, Launch ‘Hero Device’ for Android TV in 2020

Google is planning on rolling out a bevy of new features for its Android TV platform in the coming years, including its much-awaited Stadia game streaming service, according to a leak on XDA Developers. Read More >>

OnePlus is Making Smart TVs Now

OnePlus, the Chinese-based company most known for making phones, is branching out. Today, it has announced that it will be making smart TVs. Read More >>

How to Buy a Smart TV That Won’t Make Your House Sad

In the market for a brand new, shiny, smart TV? The good news is that there’s more excellent choices out there than ever; the bad news is that working your way through all the options can take up precious time you could be spending binge-watching Westworld. Let us ease your purchasing headaches and point out what to look for. Read More >>

Google’s Chromebit Turns Any TV Into a Chrome PC for Under £70

Google just introduced a whole new kind of Chrome OS computer—a dongle that plugs into any HDMI-equipped display. It’s called a Chromebit, and it isn’t your run-of-the-mill streaming stick. For under $100/£67, you’re looking at a full computer that plugs right into your TV. Read More >>

So, About Those Supposedly Encrypted Samsung SmartTV Voice Commands…

Remember, oh, about a week ago when Samsung had to clarify that its new SmartTVs aren't actually listening to every word you say? That's all well and good — but it sounds like what those TVs do hear is being transmitted without any encryption whatsoever. Whoops. Read More >>

Samsung’s SmartTV Privacy Policy Raises Accusations of Digital Spying

It all started with a small, tucked away sentence in Samsung's SmartTV security policy. The head-scratching string of words was pointed out by a Redditor on Thursday and has since sent websites and experts in debate over smart TV privacy, with opinions ranging from "so what" to quoted text from 1984. Read More >>

Bose, Panasonic, Philips and Gramofon Join Spotify Connect Home Music Dream

Spotify's set to reveal a new wave of signer-uppers to its Spotify Connect initiative, with Bose, Panasonic and Gramofon joining the home music consortium. And those with an Android-powered Philips smart TV ought to be able to stream their Spotify playlists via the futuristic app/TV/smartphone-remote combo, too. Read More >>

LG’s Bringing Back WebOS to Run its Smart TVs

It's official, LG really is incorporating an open WebOS into its 2014 lineup of smart TVs. That includes everything from the curved 55 to 77-inch OLED models all the way up to the curved 105 inch monstrosity you'll never get through the front door. Read More >>

LG Will Power 70 Per Cent of its Smart TVs With WebOS

Resurrecting Palm's ill-fated mobile OS – which never truly delivered on phones – LG's new range of webOS-powered TVs will make up a staggering 70 per cent of the company's 2014 Smart TV line-up. That's a very clear sign of commitment to the technology—but what can we expect from it? Read More >>

Here’s a Look at LG’s Smart TV webOS Resurrection

Palm's webOS, once a dead-cert for smartphone OS supremacy, is tipped to be resurrected by LG at CES 2014 in a rather unlikely place -- a new line of the company's Smart TVs. And, thanks to Twitter leaker EvLeaks, we've got an early glimpse at what it will look like. Read More >>

LG Grabs Exclusive Sky Now App for Smart TVs

LG and Sky have come together to offer a pretty compelling reason to upgrade to one of LG's TVs, with an exclusive Sky Now app heading to LG's smart tellies this August. The app, which will be exclusive to LG for at least 12 months, is a sort of PAYG way in to Sky's sports and movies range, and therefore a great way of watching the odd Big Thing without paying for a proper sub. [LG] Read More >>

Reason #5,482 That Smart TVs Are Dumb: They Can Get Hacked

Televisions with apps are already a little superfluous; the updates are slow, the interfaces are boorish, they think you actually want to tweet from a 55-inch screen. But now it turns out that they're also vulnerable to hackers. Great. Read More >>

What Is Xbox SmartGlass?

As expected, Microsoft just announced something called SmartGlass at E3. Less expected? Just how awesome SmartGlass turned out to be. What could have been just an Apple AirPlay imitation, is something more ambitious. Something that could change television forever. But what is it, exactly? Read More >>