gadgets Finally Found a Customer For His Smartwatch: Gucci

I don't know if I'm quite having a breakdown, but I'm certainly sitting at my desk having some kind of adverse physical reaction to the fact that has pumped another wearable device into this consumer electronics landfill we call Earth. Yes, Mr has made another smartwatch. Read More >>

Lenovo Quietly Reveals its Own Smartband Because Why Not

Lenovo likes to do its own thing. Sometimes that pays off, such as the company's lovable Yoga laptops, other times you end up with tablets with weird kickstands and built-in projectors. Now, Lenovo has quietly posted its first wearable on its website, but this gadget seems content with just following the crowd. Read More >>

Sony SmartBand SWR10 Review: Aims for the Back of the Net, Misses by a Mile

In the great pantheon of activity trackers (and it's quite a crowded pantheon at this point), there are those that focus on style, those that focus on metrics, and those that focus on bells and whistles. And then there's Sony's new SmartBand SWR10, whose modest ambition is simply to track every little thing you do ever. It's a game that cannot—and should not—be won. Read More >>