Razer’s Hard-to-Find Nabu Fitness Band Now Comes in a Cheaper £33 Model

The $100 (£66) Razer Nabu smartband never quite made it to market—unless you count a few thousand early adopter pre-orders here and there. But Razer's already taking the wraps off a cheaper alternative: the $50 (£33 d/c) Nabu X. Read More >>

Garmin’s Vivosmart is a Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Tendencies

When last we checked in on Garmin's fitness trackers early this spring, we saw the Vivofit present some good ideas but ultimately fall short of being a good product. Well here comes take two: The Vivosmart, which packs in the good stuff of an activity tracker, plus the notifications of a smartwatch. It definitely sounds like an improvement. Read More >>