You Can Now Record Xbox One Gameplay Clips With SmartGlass

Fair play to Microsoft, which has been constantly dropping updates for the Xbox One and its associated apps since launch. Today is the turn of the SmartGlass second screen app, which now allows gameplay clips to be recorded directly from the mobile application. In a Kinect-less Xbox One household, it'll make saving those best frag clips far easier. OneGuide and TV support also gets a few tweaks, with all the new SmartGlass features rolling out to all major mobile platforms -- Android, iOS and Windows Phone. [@Majornelson] Read More >>

Xbox SmartGlass for iOS Is Now Available

After launching on Android over a week ago, Xbox SmartGlass is now available for iOS. Go grab it on your iPhone or iPad so you can control your Xbox in a whole new awesomer way. The new SmartGlass app is actually an update to the old Xbox Live app, which is a little weird but whatever. Read More >>

Xbox SmartGlass Hands On: Controlling Your Xbox Is Really Awesome Now

Xbox SmartGlass has been floating around for a while now, but we got a chance to check out some of the final features being added to it before it's available to everyone later this week. Here's the new stuff. Read More >>

What Is Xbox SmartGlass?

As expected, Microsoft just announced something called SmartGlass at E3. Less expected? Just how awesome SmartGlass turned out to be. What could have been just an Apple AirPlay imitation, is something more ambitious. Something that could change television forever. But what is it, exactly? Read More >>