This Silly Button From Logitech Made My Smart Home Fun Again

I have issues with smart home technology. The promise of a Jetsons-style, automated living environment has never been closer, but the experience basically sucks right now. After spending a few weeks with a programmable button by Logitech, however, I feel suddenly hopeful. Read More >>

Apple Joins the Smarthome Wars With a Siri-Powered App

Years after announcing HomeKit, Apple has finally announced an all-in-one smarthome solution. It’s an app called Home, and it sounds… fine. Read More >>

Your Move, Apple

It feels like we're back in 2001. It was a time when loads of companies were releasing myriad MP3 players, and they were all crap. Little did many people know that the iPod was just months away. Read More >>

Nest and Friends are Giving the Internet of Things a Fresh Start

A consortium of companies just announced a new wireless networking protocol for the home called Thread. It's designed to help build low-power, wireless mesh networks so that devices can seamlessly connect to form a true internet of things. In a way, Thread promises to create little mini internet for your home. Read More >>

MIT Breakthrough Makes Tiny Flats Feel Three Times Bigger

If you live in a big city, there's a decent chance your flat feels cramped. Enter CityHome, a wardrobe-sized device recently revealed by MIT that promises to make a 200-square-foot flat feel three times as big. And did I mention that it's gesture-controlled? Read More >>