All the Sensors in Your Smartphone, and How They Work

Your smartphone is a remarkable feat of engineering. It’s half a dozen or more gadgets packed into a single slab. Much of it’s coolest feats are accomplished with a wide range of sensors — but what are they and what do they all actually do? Read More >>

An Amazon Bot Is Making the Greatest Smartphone Cases 

In what’s either the best art project, the best business move, or both, someone has made what I assume is a bot that’s churning out thousands of unique iPhone cases for sale on Amazon. Pretty much all of them are masterpieces. Read More >>

Barclaycard Wants To Replace Checkouts With Your Phone

No one likes checkout queues, so Barclaycard wants to replace them using your phone. The idea is simple, and not all that new, in that you scan all of your purchases as you shop, using your phone camera, and then press pay at the end when you're done. It's not that different to existing laser scanner system in many supermarkets. Read More >>

It Looks Like Google is Making a Phone Soon

Good news Androidistas! Google is doing a phone, and it’s coming soon. Google will livestream the announcement on its YouTube channel at 17:00 UK time on October 4th, meaning the phone will be a libra, and therefore very balanced. Read More >>

The 9 Best Travel Apps for Exploring Cities

You’ve landed somewhere brand new, and you’re ready to explore the new city, but you have absolutely no idea where to start. This is where your trusty smartphone comes in. There are loads of cool travelling apps you can use to help you find awesome spots around town. Here are 9 of our favourite apps for discovering new places in unfamiliar surroundings, beyond what the more well-known travel guides have to offer. Read More >>

Texting Produces an Entirely New Kind of Brain Wave Pattern

A research team from the US has shown that text messaging changes the rhythm of brain wave patterns in a way that’s never seen before. The discovery shows that smartphones are literally altering the way our minds work. Read More >>

The Foldable Phones Samsung Promised Might Be Available Early Next Year

Last year, Samsung promised us foldable phones, possibly unveiled by this January. That date is clearly long gone, but sources tell Bloomberg that the new launch date could be early 2017, so maybe we won’t have to wait so long to decide if this is something we all actually want. Read More >>

virtual reality
Queen’s Guitarist Wants You to Use His Plastic Smartphone VR System

Brian May is many things: lead guitarist of Queen, lover of badgers, and astrophysicist. Now, add VR guru to the list, because he’s just announced his very own version of Google Cardboard Read More >>

Eight Ways to Use Your Phone as a Scientific Instrument

Your smartphone already wears a number of hats: camera, MP3 player, and it can even make and receive calls — but with the right set of apps, you can do much more with your handset. Here are eight scientific instruments your phone is capable of transforming into. Read More >>

The Most Important New Smartphone Feature Is a Little Magic Slot

When LG announced its new flagship smartphone, the G5, at Mobile World Congress yesterday, it did something radically different. At the base of the phone, LG built a small slot it might just change everything. Read More >>

Apple’s Already Being Sued Over the ‘Error 53’ Issue

Find any problem with an Apple device, and sure as carrion crows will rip the still-beating heart from a carcass, lawyers will assemble. So it goes with Error 53, the latest (non) issue to befall Cupertino. Read More >>

Cyanogen Finds a New Friend in UK Smartphone Startup Wileyfox

There's a new mobile phone seller in town, offering UK upgraders two models running the popular/hardcore/tinkerer Cyanogen OS system and some very respectable hardware for less than £200. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy A8: Its Slimmest Phone Ever

Samsung has announced the latest in its A series of phones: the Galaxy A8. It isn’t the most powerful phone, but its all-metal body makes it Samsung’s thinnest ever. Sadly, you might not be able to buy one. Read More >>

Android’s Upcoming Camera App Might Choose Your Best Shot Automatically

The latest incremental update for Android’s Camera app, version 2.5 is out, and according to Android Police, the most exciting stuff is hidden under the hood: a burst-fire mode that automatically finds the best image. Read More >>

LG G4 Hits Shops This Week

LG has announced that its latest handset is available to buy this week, but eve if you stump up the requisite sheckles for an LG G4 you might not get it until the end of the month. Read More >>