New Images of Samsung Galaxy S10 and its Blockchain KeyStore Leak

We seem to get a new leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10 every day at the moment. Here's the latest -- two clear photos of the front of the phone and some information about its Blockchain KeyStore feature. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Bringing Back the Early Bird Discount For the Mi Mix 3

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its super-cool slide-out camera (to avoid the notch, natch) sold out in under half an hour, partly thanks to the early bird discount the company offered. Read More >>

We Now Have A Video Of Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone

Xiaomi president Lin Bin has posted a video of the company's new folding phone in action on Chinese social network Weibo, and it's fascinating. Read More >>

We Might Get Oppo’s Folding Phone In February

Inventive smartphone manufacturer Oppo – of the sliding camera phone – has announced the Mobile World Congress launch date for its 10x optical zoom smartphone, and it's rumoured to include a foldable device too. Read More >>

The Zanco Smart Pen Is a Modern Day Talkboy 

Zanco’s Smart Pen isn’t actually a pen, it’s barely a phone (and not very smart), and the company behind it sounds like an outfit that supplies Wile E. Coyote with an assortment of random gadgets. But if Kevin McAllister was trying to defend his home from a bunch of crooks today instead of back in the 90s, the Smart Pen would absolutely be one of the go-to tools in his arsenal. And for a little as $60 (~£46.50), the Smart Pen’s silly gimmickry doesn’t really exceed its price. Read More >>

The S10’s Selfie Camera Might Have a Second Screen Over the Top

The latest in the endless rumour train on the upcoming Galaxy S10 is the news that the selfie camera – which we're expecting to be underneath a hole in the screen – may actually have a secondary, tiny display over the top to prevent interruption. Read More >>

Pope Endorses App

Apps! They’re everywhere! Even Pope Francis is endorsing them. On Sunday, the pontiff touted an app called ClickToPray ahead of the World Youth Day festival in Panama. Read More >>

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup In All Its Glory

We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the wild, in the hands of a hapless worker snapped using it on a bus. Now we have an official-looking photo of the whole three-phone lineup, courtesy of superleaker Evan Blass: Read More >>

Leaked Video of Alleged Pixel 3 Lite Details Almost Everything, Including a Launch Date

It seems Google has a real problem with secrets, because after a Russian blog shared info about the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite late last year, now there’s a complete review of what appears to be a pre-production Pixel 3 Lite on YouTube. Read More >>

The LG G8 Will Have Two Connecting Screens And Won’t Cost A Fortune

The upcoming LG G8 – which will be pronounced 'Gate' in the UK whether LG likes it or not – will be made up of two screens that can be combined, says a new report from Korea. Read More >>

Someone’s Been Snapped Holding An S10 Plus On A Bus

The leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been pouring in, but the latest one is probably going to get someone fired. Read More >>

Samsung’s 5G-Ready S10 ‘X’ Sounds Like a Powerhouse That Will Wreck Your Wallet

By now, news has already got out about Samsung’s next Unpacked event on Febuary 20th, where we’re expecting to see all three version of the new S10 (S10 Lite, S10, and S10 Plus). But now, a new report from South Korean outlet ETNews suggests that the Samsung S10’s 5G-ready variant will sport some truly far-out hardware. Read More >>

More Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumours Give Specs, Details

Once again some new details of the Galaxy S10 have leaked, and once again we're wondering whether there'll be anything left to reveal on the 20th of February. Read More >>

Can You Do Any Of These Fiendishly Hard Smartphone Puzzles?

We consider ourselves pretty clued-up on all things techy (well, you'd hope so, wouldn't you?) but we're absolutely useless at these Where's Wally-style puzzles from retailer Read More >>

Three More iPhones Are Coming

Apple doesn't do big tech conferences like CES and MWC, so we're not expecting megaleaks about their new stuff as much as we are all the other brands. But nonetheless, a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Apple has three new iPhones coming out this year, one with three rear cameras, another lower-cost one like the iPhone XR and... something else. Read More >>