The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T Is Now Available

It looked for a while like the only colours of the OnePlus 6T were going to be black, black and more black, but then they surprised us with a gorgeous colour called Thunder Purple. And after some confusion about whether it was coming to the UK, followed by confirmation that it was, it's finally gone on sale today. Read More >>

Pixel 3 Users Claim Their Text Messages Are Vanishing

The Pixel 3 is a pretty good smartphone, but it’s gotten off to a buggy start since launching last month. From unsaved photos and extra notches to wonky RAM management, the latest bug for Google to fix is vanishing text messages, according to recent complaints from Pixel 3 owners. Read More >>

We Have New Details About The Samsung Galaxy S10

Heads up, phone fans: there's been a new leak about the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it's a good'un. Read More >>

Tesco Is Launching A Smartphone For Kids

When a supermarket chain announces it's releasing a new smartphone for kids, we imagine a low-cost, high-colour handset with squishy edges and a catchy name. Read More >>

This Solution to Phone Multitasking Is Either Genius or Totally Absurd

There’s a reason your computer’s home screen is often referred to as its desktop. The user interface is designed to emulate a physical desk covered in documents and tools. That analogy doesn’t work quite as well with a smartphone’s tiny screen, but this concept UI that switches apps automatically as you physically move your phone around your desk is potentially a great solution—or just ridiculous. We can’t decide which. Read More >>

The iPhone X Is Touchy, Apple Admits

We've been hearing reports of issues with some iPhone X screens, and it seems Apple has too, because the company has now acknowledged there is an issue and started offering a fix. Read More >>

OnePlus 6T Teardown Gives Us a Better Look at That In-Screen Camera

One of the best bits about a new phone release is waiting for the inevitable teardown video, in which someone with more money than us takes it to pieces and shows us the innards. Read More >>

OnePlus Wants You To Unbox The 6T In Silence

Apparently taking a world record for unboxings wasn't enough for OnePlus. The phone manufacturer has announced a rather strange competition for people who've bought the new OnePlus 6T: a silent video unboxing challenge. Read More >>

5 of the Best Easter Eggs on the OnePlus 6T

We do love a good Easter egg on a new piece of tech, and it seems OnePlus feels the same, because they've included a whole bunch of them on the brand new 6T. Read More >>

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review: A Lot of Phone for a Little Price

Xiaomi is probably not a brand name that means much to you – at least at the minute. The Chinese company has just officially launched in the UK , so it’s a name you can expect to start seeing more of. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is their latest handset, and it's being released here before any other country that isn't called China. Oh, and it has specs to rival leading brands’ flagship handsets – but without a known name emblazoned on the back. The Mi 8 Pro also happens to be much more reasonably priced: £499, in fact. Read More >>

Holes Are the New Notches, According to a Recent LG Patent

The notch is going to go down as one of the shortest-lived features in smartphone history, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely done with screen cutouts just yet. In a recent patent filing from South Korea, it seems LG is looking to evolve the notch by turning it into a hole. Read More >>

The Red Hydrogen One Is a Phone Made for an Alternate Reality

Jim Jannard is an interesting guy. After starting a one-man business selling motorcycle parts, he decided to pivot into goggles and eyewear. Fast forward about 25 years, and Oakley had become one of the biggest sunglass brands in the world. Then in 2007, after selling Oakley for $2.1 billion (£1.6 billion), Jannard turned to his other company, and that same year, Red shipped its first 4K cinema-grade digital camera. Both companies are highly successful ventures by any definition, so for his third pivot, Jannard thought he would set his sights even higher and make a smartphone unlike anything else on the market. But this time, I think Jim may have gone a little too far because instead of making something you might want to buy, the Red Hydrogen One, with its ambitious 3D display, feels like a phone that teleported from a different dimension. Read More >>

Google Promises a Fix for the Pixel 3’s Biggest Issue ‘in the Coming Weeks’

With its nifty software tricks and superb camera, the Pixel 3 is undoubtedly a good phone. But it ain’t perfect, and right now, the Pixel 3's biggest issue is wonky memory management. Read More >>

The ASUS ZenFone 6 Has an Emo Notch

It's not even 2019 yet and already the Mobile World Congress leaks have started. Today we got a glimpse of what purports to be the ASUS ZenFone 6, apparently due to launch during the annual tech show in Barcelona this February. Read More >>

OnePlus Breaks World Record for Number of Simultaneous Unboxings

OnePlus is doing absolutely everything it can to grab headlines for its new flagship, including breaking a Guinness World Record. Read More >>