24 Hours With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Me Convinced of a Folding Future

Samsung’s newest flagship, the £1,300 Galaxy Z Flip, might actually be the first foldable phone worth buying. The company gave me a Flip to use for 24 hours, which isn’t long enough to fully review the device, but I used the Flip as my main phone for a full day to see how it stands up to my daily life. Read More >>

This Japanese Smartphone Uses AI to Prevent Users From Saving and Sharing Naked Selfies

Worried about what online shenanigans your child might get into with their first smartphone? In Japan, a company has released a budget phone with at least one feature you won’t find on a flagship iOS or Android device: an AI-powered sensor that prevents naked selfie shots from being saved or shared. Read More >>

Google Accidentally Confirms the Pixel 5

A commit in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code has confirmed what we all suspected: Google's made a Pixel 5. Read More >>

TCL’s Sliding Smartphone is Way Cooler than a Foldable

After years of indistinguishable shiny black rectangles, smartphones have suddenly started getting interesting again, and we are delighted. Read More >>

location tracking
How Location Tracking Works on Your Phone in 2020

How phones track location is changing – if you’ve upgraded to the latest Android 10 or iOS 13 updates, you may have noticed more prompts around what apps can do with data about your whereabouts. Here’s what those new prompts mean, and how you can get your phone’s location tracking settings set up in a way that you’re comfortable with. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Might Have an Under-Screen Camera

Samsung has only just released the Galaxy Z Flip, but already the rumour mill is churning, trying to figure out what's next. Read More >>

Samsung May Have Priced Itself Into a Corner with the Galaxy S20

Thanks to 120Hz displays, fancy new cameras, and support for 5G networks across the entire line, Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 seems like a real powerhouse of a phone. However, with a starting price of £800 for the standard S20 and prices going even higher for the S20+ and S20 Ultra, it feels like Samsung may have tried to push the price of its latest flagship phone a bit too high. Read More >>

Someone Built a Distraction-Free Mobile Phone With a Working Old-School Rotary Dial

The smartphone changed the world, but it wasn’t all for the better. Mobile devices are packed full of endless productivity-killing distractions, and the ability to actually make a phone call almost seems like an afterthought now. A frustrated Justine Haupt came up with an unorthodox solution: she designed and built a mobile phone with a rotary dial that looks like it’s 40 years old. Read More >>

Essential Is the Latest Phone Maker to Fold

Former Google executive Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential Products, is officially done after years of circling the drain. Read More >>

Shopping List
Valentine’s Gifts For Your *Real* True Love: Your Phone

Let's be honest. No partner can ever really live up to a smartphone. No not like that, pervert, I mean in terms of general companionship. The world loves a good smartphone, and it's not hard to see why. They allow us remote access to the sum total of recorded human knowledge, they let us instantly communicate with everyone we like or care about, we can access media from wherever we are, and of course they let us look at funny pictures of cats and capture virtual monsters with magic powers. Beat that, spouses! Read More >>

France Smacks Apple With £21 Million Fine for Slowing Down iPhones

Back in 2017, Apple admitted to throttling older iPhones with new software updates. It sparked the ire of iPhone users everywhere and a number of lawsuits, leading Apple to offer discounted battery replacements. Today, the DGCCRF, France’s consumer watchdog group, has slapped Apple with a €25 million (£21 million) fine for failing to inform consumers that updating their software would lead to slower iPhones. Read More >>

Moto Hopes to Retake the Budget Phone Crown With Two New Flavours of the Moto G

Last year, thanks to phones like the Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola lost its long-held title as the king of budget phones. So for its next batch of budget handsets, Motorola is making two different versions of the Moto G for 2020: the Moto G8 Power, known as the plain old Moto G Power in the US, and the US-only Moto G8 Stylus. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S20: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

It's only been months since Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 devices were released but the rumour mill has begun firing up over the next major flagship — the Galaxy S20 series — due for release early this year. Read More >>

Instagram’s Made it Easier to Ditch Those Accounts You Don’t Know Why You Follow

Cleaning up your feed just became a little less daunting thanks to a new Instagram update that singles out accounts you forgot you ever followed in the first place. Read More >>

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants to ‘Kill Samsung’ With Another Folding Phone

As if the Pablo Escobar Fold 1 wasn’t enough, there is now a second Pablo Escobar-branded folding smartphone. The name? Wait for it – the Pablo Escobar Fold 2. Read More >>