It Seems Like Apple Is Going to Announce the iPhone 9 Real Soon

Two weeks ago to little fanfare, Apple somewhat abruptly released refreshed versions of the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. And now, it seems like Apple is prepping for the imminent release of the iPhone 9 (or whatever Apple ends up calling its upcoming mid-range phone). Read More >>

Samsung’s Cheapest Flagship is a Great Phone in a Weird Time

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is the company’s most affordable flagship, which isn’t saying much: the 6.2-inch smartphone costs £899. It is a very good phone with a very good – dare I say the very best – display of almost any phone on the market (the only better panels being the S20's larger siblings, the S20+ and S20 Ultra). In normal times, I’d say the Galaxy S20 is obviously worth the asking price. Read More >>

Huawei’s Flagship P40 Pro+ is Pushing the Limits of What a Smartphone Camera Can Do

Huawei typically likes to use its P-Series phones as a vessel to show off its fancy new camera tech. With the loss of Google services, and a growing range of bans on its products in international markets the latest P-Series phone needs to be extraordinary. If the new features on the P40 (particularly the P40 Pro+) are any indication, people with access to Huawei’s phones are in for a treat. Read More >>

Samsung is Bringing a Bunch of Galaxy S20’s Features to the S10 and Note 10

Now that new Galaxy S20 line has been out for a while, it seems Samsung is turning its attention to some of its older phones by adding some of the S20's new features to the Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, and Galaxy Note 10. Read More >>

Google I/O 2020 Just Went From Being Online-Only to Totally Cancelled

When info regarding the spread of covid-19 began circulating, Google decided to reformat its annual developer conference – Google I/O – into an online-only event. But now, due to the increased severity of covid-19 and resulting US government guidelines, Google has decided to cancel Google I/O entirely. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the Best Android Has to Offer Right Now

After checking out the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it’s difficult to forget it’s brawny build, avalanche of specs, and the impressive reach of Samsung’s Space Zoom. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit too expensive to love. At that price, the S20 Ultra has to be head and shoulders better than every other phone on the market, and it just isn’t. But perhaps the best argument against the S20 Ultra is the existence of the S20+, because for 15 percent less money, the S20+ delivers 95 percent of what you get from its more expensive sibling. So if you’re looking for a high-end Android phone with tonnes of bells and whistles, the S20+ is the one to get. Read More >>

Fresh Off Probation for Violating Sanctions, ZTE Reportedly Under Investigation for Bribery

Three years ago, ZTE pleaded guilty to violating trade sanctions against Iran and North Korea. The company was subject to a temporary ban on buying US tech, which was eased following a plea deal that included forfeiting more than $1 billion (£828 million) in civil and criminal penalties and axing its entire C-suite of execs. Now, fresh off probation, ZTE is being investigated again. Read More >>

Report: Apple Plans to Release Cheap iPhone 9 Plus With Touch ID This Spring

Code snippets in iOS 14 appear to show that Apple is working on an iPhone 9 Plus to complement the budget model iPhone 9 rumoured to be in development, 9to5Mac reported on Monday. Read More >>

Pixel 4A Price Leaks at $400: Here’s Everything Else We Know

Over the past few weeks, rumours about Google’s next mid-range phone – the Pixel 4a – have been slowly trickling out. Now, a new leak has pegged the US price of the Pixel 4a at $400 (£312), which means it’s a good time to rundown everything we know about the phone so far. Read More >>

The Oppo Find X2 Takes One of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Best Features and Does It Better

Samsung just raised the bar for high refresh rate screens on phones to 120Hz with the Galaxy S20 line, but now, Oppo may have just one-upped Samsung with the Find X2. Read More >>

A Smartphone With a Behemoth Battery You Could Actually Slip in a Pocket

When it comes to making phones with prodigious battery life, it’s easy to slap on a humongous battery and call it a day like Energizer did for its dummy thick P18K Pop last year. But for people who don’t like carrying a brick around, there’s now an alternative in the Doogee N100. Read More >>

Argos is Giving Away a Handful of Samsung Galaxy S20 5Gs but There’s an Annoying Catch

The Samsung Galaxy S20 line of smartphones is launching next week on March 13, and Argos has come up with a bloody stupid promotion to mark the occasion. Read More >>

Great, Even the Table Your Phone Is Sitting On Can Now Be Used To Hack It

There’s an ever-growing list of ways mobile devices can be hacked, which means we have to be increasingly vigilant about security. But now even something as innocuous-seeming as leaving your phone sitting on a table can result in a hack. Researchers just demonstrated that someone can gain access to your phone by hacking its smart assistant through voice commands inaudible to humans. Read More >>

Latest Leaks Of Huawei’s P40 Suggest It’s a P30 Clone

Huawei's biggest innovations in recent years in the mobile space have tended to focus strongly on camera features and quality. The latest leaks surrounding its upcoming Huawei P40 Pro suggest it's not slowing down in that respect, even if it's going to produce a phone that looks a lot like the P30 Pro. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Surface Duo Might Be Available Sooner Than Expected

Last year, after announcing its long-awaited dual-screen phone, Microsoft promised the Surface Duo would go on sale sometime during the 2020 holiday season. However, if a new report is accurate, it might be possible to get your hands on one a lot sooner. Read More >>