Fitness App’s ‘Anonymised’ Data Dump Accidentally Reveals US Military Bases Around the World

People around the world use the app Strava on their smartphones and Fitbits to track how far they run. But researchers have discovered that an “anonymised” data dump released by Strava last year has accidentally revealed sensitive locations, including US military bases around the world. Read More >>

Brilliant Mod Makes Smartwatches Actually Useful

Back in October, an analysis of the smartwatch industry found that sales were plummeting. That was quickly rebuffed by a different analysis that said sales were rising. One thing is for sure, smartwatches are boring. But this one is pretty awesome. Read More >>

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No-one is Buying Smartwatches Anymore

Remember how smartwatches were supposed to be the next big thing? About that... Read More >>

Concept Renders Show Rumoured New Nexus Smartwatches

We are all sort of expecting Google to build and release some own-brand smartwatches at some point in the future, and now we've landed upon, in a roundabout way, some images showing us what to expect. Read More >>

Razer Nabu Review: Smart Features Made Stupid 

“For gamers, by gamers” is the kind of motto that sells liquid-cooled spec-obsessed towers, headsets, rumbling lounge chairs, and ergonomic mice with more buttons than a double-breasted suit. Razer, however, has these words stamped into the back of its wearable Nabu, which it’d like to remind us is not a smartwatch, but a watch with smart features. Read More >>

Steal This Idea: A Smart Band For Your Dumb Watch

Watches are brilliant, ancient technology. They’re simple, often beautiful, completely functional tiny clocks we strap to our arms and wear out into the world. I love watches, but I think making them “smart” makes them worse. Instead, we should be making smart bands for the dumb, beautiful watches that already exist. Read More >>

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Apple’s Big Apple Watch Event is on March 9th

Yes, we know a whoooole lot about the Apple Watch by this point, but not when exactly it's coming. But now, Apple's sent out invites for a "Spring Forward" event on March 9th. It's coming. Read More >>

Pebble’s Fantastic Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Is Now Better Than Ever

A few days ago Pebble's wonderful smartwatches got updated with the power of Android Wear notifications when the feature rolled out to all users. I've been using it for a few days now, and while it's definitely not a perfect implementation, it does make one of the best smartwatches out there even better. Read More >>

What Watch Do You Have Strapped to Your Wrist Right Now?

Like, this second. Do you even wear one? Is it "smart", whatever you consider that to mean? Read More >>

Even the Best Smartwatch Has Only Sold One Million Units 

Do people actually want smartwatches? I'm starting to wonder. The Pebble smartwatch—a phenomenal Kickstarter success story and the darling of tech critics everywhere—has only sold 1 million copies. Read More >>

The Apple Watch Will be the First Real Smartwatch, Even Though It’s Not A Watch

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he described it as a widescreen iPod with touch controls (to wild applause), a revolutionary mobile phone (to wild applause, whooping and rending of garments) and a breakthrough internet communications device. That last one got a kind of "WOOOOOOOOooowait, what was that one again?" reaction and a round of slightly baffled but enthusiastic, I’m-sure-he’ll-explain-in-a-minute-comma-we-love-you-Steve applause. Read More >>