This Smartwatch Has Incredibly Bad Timing

Here’s the thing about the Misfit Vapor 2: It’s the smartwatch Misfit should have released a year ago. Read More >>

Fossil’s New Wear OS Watch Isn’t Trash, and That’s Huge

The hunt for a truly great and iconic Wear OS smartwatch is still on—but in the meantime, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the Fossil Sport. Thanks to the newer Snapdragon 3100 processor, the Sport finally has most of the features you expect a 2018 smartwatch to have. Namely, heart rate monitoring, standalone GPS, a better fitness interface, and (slightly) longer battery life. Read More >>

The Fossil Sport Might Be a Wear OS Watch That Doesn’t Suck

I have a lot of Apple-hating friends who are always asking me: “What’s the best Wear OS smartwatch?” And I always say the same thing: They’re all bad. That said, the Fossil Sport could be the first contender for the title. Read More >>

Apple ‘Working On a Fix’ for Watches Bricked by Latest Update

There’s always a risk involved when grabbing the latest software update for a device as soon as it’s released. You want to try out all those new features, but there’s bound to be a bug or two discovered as the masses get their hands on it. That gamble didn’t pay off for some Apple Watch Series 4 users, who discovered that watchOS 5.1 bricked their fancy new wearables. Read More >>

Here’s the Huawei Watch GT, A Long-Lasting Smartwatch Which Does Not Run on wearOS

Despite the fact the non-Apple smartphone industry has been heavily based on Android for quite some time, we can't say the same for smartwatches. wearOS, or Android Wear as it was once called, isn't really as big a player as its phone-based cousin. A lot of companies may opt for Google's software out of necessity, but that hasn't stopped the likes of Samsung or Fitbit doing things their own way. Now those two companies are being joined by Huawei, which has opted not to include wearOS on its latest smartwatch - the Huawei Watch GT. Read More >>

LG’s New W7 Smartwatch Is a Chaotic Mix of New and Old

Anytime Google does a big revamp to its smartwatch platform, it seems like LG is always close behind with new wearable to test out how good that new OS really is. Unfortunately, LG’s most recent attempt was kind of a dud, but with the new W7, LG may have finally created something with a little more legs (or in this case, hands). Read More >>

Withings Is Back With an Activity Tracker I Don’t Mind Wearing All the Time

Most fitness trackers are still ugly as sin. But Withings, fresh from its split with Nokia, is back to remind us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Read More >>

Google’s Big Wear OS Revamp Has Started Rolling Out

While it doesn’t have a grand, overarching designation, you can think of Google’s recently announced revamp to its smartwatch platform as the third version of Wear OS (though officially, it’s 2.1). It’s got an all-new UI, updated health and fitness tracking, better app integration, and more, and it all should be headed to your device starting today. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Galaxy Watch Comes so Close to Delivering The Modern Wearable Dream

Divorce yourself from the far out sci-fi depictions and crazy nerd dreams of what a smartwatch is supposed to be for just a second, and instead think about what makes sense for a wrist-mounted device in 2018. You’ll quickly realise there’s a huge gap between reality and expectation, because while the idea of playing games or watching videos on a watch might sound neat, actually doing so on a screen that measures less than two inches across is simply miserable. Read More >>

The Real Withings Returns With a Smarter and Sportier Smartwatch

Withings’ history reads like a rollercoaster tour of early wearable development, because after the company launched its first product—a connected body scale—almost 10 years ago in 2009, Withings quickly followed up by expanding into things like smartwatches, blood pressure monitors, smart alarm clocks, and more. Read More >>

Snapdragon Wear 3100 Arrives to Give Wear OS Watches a Much Needed Boost

Google recently rolled out a big update to Wear OS with improvements including a new streamlined UI, better health and fitness tracking, and an all-around smarter and more useful Google Assistant. But as nice as that all sounds, software is just one piece of what you need to make a good smartwatch, because without the right silicon powering the device, gadget makers can only do so much. Read More >>

Report: There Won’t Be Any Google Smartwatch This Year

Google has confirmed that it is not planning on launching a smartwatch this year, telling Tom’s Guide that the company simply isn’t there yet and will focus on upgrades to Wear OS for the time being. Read More >>

Look At This Wacky Smartphone Watch

With Samsung working on bendy displays to put in flexible phones and even providing those screens to Chinese phonemakers to help grow the ecosystem, it’s clear a new era for smartphones is just around the corner. However, it seems like Nubia couldn’t wait that long, because at IFA 2018, the company released a frankly outrageous flexible screen device that looks like a smartwatch, but promises even more. Read More >>

Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker Has a ‘Body Battery’ Feature That Tells You When You’re Too Tired to Exercise

If you compare all of the ~£100 fitness trackers currently available, you’ll find a lot of similarities when it comes to their hardware, design, and functionality. So to make its new vívosmart 4 stand out, Garmin has instead tried to innovate on the software side by using all of the data the wearable is tracking to provide new insights about how your body is doing, including a new Body Battery feature that estimates your energy levels. Read More >>

This Smartwatch Is Too Freaking Big

Look, I knew smartwatches were just going to keep getting bigger as device makers try to cram more stuff into them, and I knew fashion and tech joining forces would lead to ridiculous stuff, but a smartwatch with a 2.5-inch display is too much—I mean even 2.4 inches was too much! The original iPhone’s display was exactly 3.5 inches wide. So something with a 2.5-inch display is basically a smartphone—one that I assume can block bullets or be used as a club in a self-defence emergency. Neither of those features are touted in Diesel’s new Full Guard 2.5 smartwatch though. And as it’s a WearOS device, it also requires your phone to actually function. Read More >>