New Leak Suggests Next Fitbit Charge Will Skip the One Feature It Really Needs

In its heyday, the Fitbit Charge was, for most people, the best wearable you could buy. It was incredibly functional, focused, and attractive enough to only gently scream your fitness aspirations to whoever caught a glimpse of it on your wrist. That was long ago, before smartwatches got sleeker, slimmer, and more capable—before they started making traditional wearables look like corner shop gadgets. Read More >>

The Next Samsung Smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch, and it’s Coming to EE First

As expected Samsung used the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York to announce a multitude of products, including the latest in its long line of smartwatches. But this isn't the Gear S4, this is the Galaxy Watch because brand synergy is important. It's got all those things a 4G smartwatch can offer, and it's coming to EE first. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Announcement is Imminent, but it’s Already Been Spotted in the Real World

For a while we've been hearing about Samsung's next entry in the smartwatch business, which we already know is going to be called the Galaxy Watch rather than the Gear S4. Leaks haven't been as common as they have for the Note 9 (also due within the next hour or so), but now it seems they're already out in the real world. Read More >>

The Latest Galaxy Watch Leak Came From Samsung Itself

We've heard bits and pieces about the next Samsung smartwatch over the past several weeks, including word that the company is ditching the 'Gear' moniker in favour of 'Galaxy Watch'. Because that's the same name as the phones, and businesses are all about brand synergy. Now that last little fact seems to have been confirmed, after Samsung accidentally revealed the new watch on its own website. Read More >>

This Body Heat-Powered Smartwatch Gets One Thing Very Right

One of the most interesting gadgets I’ve tested in the past few years was the Matrix PowerWatch: a fitness-tracking timepiece powered only by the wearer’s body heat. The battery-free technology was neat, but the watch’s limited functionality wasn’t. Matrix Industries’ new PowerWatch X promises to be a more useful and capable wearable, but even with infinite battery life, it still falls short of being a useful smartwatch. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next Smartwatch is Probably Called the Galaxy Watch, May Come With Bixby

It's been a good 18 months since Samsung launched the Gear S3 smartwatch, and rumours about a follow up have been circulating for a while now. In the past we've heard that Samsung might ditch the Gear S moniker in favour of the more synergistic Galaxy Watch branding, and now it seems that's actually going to happen. On top of that a separate report claims Samsung will be adding its Bixby virtual assistant to the new wearable. Read More >>

Former Fitbit Employees Indicted for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets From Jawbone

One current and five former Fitbit employees accused of knowingly stealing trade secrets from former employer Jawbone, which ceased operation in 2017, have been indicted. The two companies have gone to court in the past over similar allegations. If convicted, the defendants could face up to 10 years in prison. Read More >>

Your Pebble Smartwatch Might Not be Completely Useless Just Yet

When Fitbit bought out Pebble, many people assumed the worst. They figured Fitbit taking over would be the end of the Pebble brand, and more importantly the end of support for its smartwatches. It turns out those fears were completely justified, because Fitbit did announce that Pebble was dying, and without support the smartwatches would be rendered mostly useless. There is good news for Pebble stalwarts, though. but you'll need to be quick about it. Read More >>

All the New Things Coming to Apple Watch in WatchOS 5

Despite being one of the first truly successful smartwatches, support for the Apple Watch, at least from third-party developers, has been dwindling. But with watchOS 5.0, previewed today at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, the company is hoping to breathe new life into the platform, while shifting the focus of its feature set back to its core functionality. Read More >>

How to Buy a Good Smartwatch if You’re Not into Apple

If you carry around an iPhone as your smartphone of choice then the Apple Watch is hands-down the best option for a smartwatch, for the seamless integration if nothing else. But what about the rest of us? You’ve got more options than you might realise for a companion wearable, and we’re going to get into the pros and cons of each. Read More >>

An Empowered Assistant Is How Wear OS Could Get Back on Track

When Google changed the name of its smartwatch OS from Android Wear to Wear OS, I was pissed. Not because the name sucked, as Wear OS does do a better job of reflecting the platform’s support for both Android and iOS devices. The problem was that the rebranding didn’t come with any new features or updates that advanced the capabilities of the platform. That meant the name change was more symbolic than anything, or at the very least, poorly timed. Read More >>

The World’s First Working Projector Smartwatch Turns Your Arm Into a Big Touchscreen

Some smartwatches come with powerful processors, lots of storage, and robust software, but have limited capabilities compared to smartphones thanks to their tiny touchscreens. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, however, have now created a smartwatch prototype with a built-in projector that turns the wearer’s arm into a smartphone-sized touchscreen. Read More >>

Garmin Made a Great Smartwatch For People Who Hate Wearing a Smartwatch

There’s no better example of the war between form and function than smartwatch design. There are boxy, bulging, touchscreen wearables that do almost everything your smartphone can, and there are sleeker analog alternatives that maybe keep track of how many calories you’ve burned. With the latest version of the Vívomove HR, Garmin has tried, and mostly succeeded, in balancing both approaches, creating a smartwatch that hides a respectable list of features behind a traditional analog face. Read More >>

The Fitbit Versa Is the First Real Bargain Smartwatch

“That’s a nice watch,” said my colleague, about an hour after I strapped the Fitbit Versa to my person. The new fitness tracker, the company’s third pass at a smartwatch you can wear for days at a time, is a welcome update to its butt-ugly predecessor. The £200 Versa will more than likely satisfy any fitness enthusiast, casual athlete, or health nut looking for an exercise-centric (and long-lasting) wearable, but the dearth of available apps combined with the closeness in price to other, more capable wearables make it a tough sell for nerds who need more. Read More >>

I’ll Get Excited About Hublot’s New Smartwatch When Jay-Z Actually Wears It

“New watch alert: Hublot.” The timepiece maker made famous by rapper and Tidal owner Jay-Z in a shout-out on his track “Otis,” is releasing a smartwatch powered by Google’s Wear OS. It’s called Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Cute name. Call me when Hov puts one on. Read More >>