This Is the Best Smartwatch for Under £200

It used to be that smartwatches were a sort of “luxury” gadget. They couldn’t do as much as your phone, and frankly, didn’t offer much more than a much cheaper fitness band. Shelling out several hundred for one seemed like a waste of money. Read More >>

So, Should You Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 Right Now?

The Series 3 is a good smartwatch. Some would even say the Apple Watch Series 3 was the first real smartwatch that was worth the expensive price tag. That said, it’s been three years since the Series 3 launched. Apple’s lowered the price of the watch to £200, and these days, you can find deals that bring that price down even lower. But with the expected arrival of the Series 6 this fall, is saving a few hundred quid on an older smartwatch worth risking obsolescence? Read More >>

Looks Like the Apple Watch Series 6 Could Sport a Blood Oxygen Sensor

While we know many of the new features that are coming to the Apple Watch Series 6 via WatchOS 7, it’s been relatively quiet on what hardware changes Apple might make. However, it now looks like the Series 6 might be the first Apple Watch to include a blood oxygen sensor. Read More >>

The EU Is Chucking Yet Another Hurdle at That Google-Fitbit Deal

At the end of last year, Google decided to plop down $2.1 billion (£1.6 billion) and buy Fitbit. Almost immediately after, there were questions whether the deal counted as a data monopoly, and now Reuters is reporting that the European Union is ready to launch a full-scale antitrust investigation into the deal next week. Read More >>

The Polar Unite Makes a Good Case for Simpler, Cheaper Fitness Watches

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated, but that’s never stopped some wearables companies from turning exercise into an advanced course in data analysis. Most people who ask me which smartwatch they should buy aren’t looking for a metrics dump. They want the basics: a decent price, an easy way to track progress, and notifications. The Polar Unite checks all these boxes, and as a plus, it’s not absolutely hideous. Read More >>

This Timex Smartwatch Isn’t Original, But it is Affordable

Cheap smartwatches have come a long way in the last few years. If you wanted a good-looking watch with a colour AMOLED touchscreen and built-in GPS-tracking, it would’ve once set you back at least £300. Now, there’s a whole slew of devices that offer a range of basic smartwatch features for much less than that. Timex’s new Metropolitan smartwatch is one of them. Read More >>

Future Apple Watches Could Scan Your Veins to Detect Gestures

While accelerometers and gyroscopes are generally how smartwatches detect hand movements, a newly-released patent hints that Apple may be considering scanning veins in your wrist via the Apple Watch to detect non-touch gestures in the future. Read More >>

Polar Just Made Its First Affordable, Stylish Smartwatch

Polar smartwatches aren’t exactly chic. Like many fitness-first wearable companies, Polar’s strength has always been its in-depth metrics and platform. When it comes to style, Polar usually relies on that plain, sporty aesthetic, as it did with the M400M600A300, and the A360 fitness tracker. But today it’s launching a new smartwatch, the Polar Unite, and it doesn’t make my eyes bleed! It’s also £135, which, as far as Polar smartwatches go, is pretty dang affordable. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s New Wearables Chip Could Finally Improve Wear OS Watches, I Hope

Google may have been one of the first companies to the smartwatch scene, but its Wear OS platform has so far been a journey of unfulfilled potential. For a long time, that was partly because most Wear OS watches were running on outdated hardware: the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip. That was supposed to change in 2018, when Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon Wear 3100. But that change was incremental. Fast forward another two years: Qualcomm is introducing its latest wearables SoC (system on a chip), the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ and 4100. Read More >>

Here’s a First Glimpse at Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3

We’ve been hearing rumours about all the devices – including a brand new smartwatch – that Samsung might show off at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. But new leaked photos may have just given us the first look at the Galaxy Watch 3. Read More >>

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Slow-Mo Footage of the Apple Watch Puking Up Water is Somehow a Beautiful Thing

The Apple Watch has always been able to shrug off some amount of water, but since the Series 2 it’s been able to survive being completely submerged, accidentally or not. The only caveat is that water can get trapped in the smartwatch’s speaker, a problem Apple has solved with a clever water-eject feature that is fascinating to see in action through the lens of a high-speed camera. Read More >>

11 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Install ASAP

If you’ve finally splurged on a brand new Apple Watch (or been the lucky recipient of a very nice gift), you’re probably wondering: Now what? The Apple Watch comes with plenty of great built-in features, but you should hit the watch’s App Store to find third-party options that can make the device even more useful. Read More >>

I Miss Microsoft’s Smartwatches That Were Too Smart for Their Time

Apple was the first company to make smartwatches a product consumers actually wanted, but there was a time, not too long ago, when Microsoft could have defined the future of wearables. The company’s SPOT platform took a deceptively simple but clever approach to wireless connectivity years before technologies like Bluetooth, wifi, and even LTE were commonplace. It also came with tradeoffs, however, that ultimately doomed the platform, but not before it succeeded in demonstrating to the world the potential of smart wearables. Read More >>

Enough With the Ugly Apple Watch Bands

If there’s one thing Apple prides itself on, it’s design. (The company even published a £250 coffee table book about how iconic its products look.) But while they certainly are distinctive, whether you like these designs is another matter. Generally speaking, Apple knows how to make pretty products, but there’s one exception. For some reason, Apple keeps subjecting us all to some real unsightly Apple Watch bands. Read More >>

Smartwatch Hack Turns the Back of Your Hand Into a Canvas For Making Tiny Paintings

What makes smartwatches so useful – quick access to info through a small device always on your wrist – also makes them challenging for other uses. To overcome the limitations of such a small screen, researchers from Leibniz University Hannover created a special stylus that turns the back of a wearer’s hand into a larger area for doodling. Read More >>