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These Cheetah Babies Are Trying to Chirp

A lot of the stuff you’ll see online right now is pretty depressing, possibly concerning how the world is falling apart or like how we could randomly go to war at any second. But you know what isn’t depressing? This video of cheetah cubs doing their very best to let out some little roars – or 'chirps', as adult cheetahs do. Read More >>

Smithsonian Launches New Podcast About Technology, History, and Museums

Smithsonian has launched a new podcast called Sidedoor that takes listeners behind the scenes at the museums. The first episode, called Tech Yourself, looks at technology. And to be honest, the episode takes a while to get interesting. But it’s definitely worth a listen. Read More >>

The Weirdest Dolphin on Earth Has a New Relative

In the murky waters of the Ganges and Indus rivers, a few thousand blind dolphins swim on their sides, snapping at prey with long, exaggerated beaks and using echolocation to navigate. Because of pollution and habitat destruction, the South Asian river dolphin is on its way to extinction—but a newly-discovered relative may strengthen the case for conserving it. Read More >>

First Sea Lion Pup Born at Zoo for Over Three Decades

This post was very difficult to write. Every time I managed to get a few words on the page, I would start making ridiculous noises. Look at its little flippers! Its face! Those large eyes! Read More >>

The 9 Most Breathtaking Images from the Smithsonian’s Annual Photo Competition

A volcano spewing ash, magical forest fireflies, and a monkey who feels just like we all do about winter weather. These are just a few of the remarkable photos from the Smithsonian’s annual photo contest. Read More >>

The Smithsonian Is Finally Getting Crowdfunding Right

On Monday the Smithsonian Institution launched a Kickstarter campaign to preserve astronaut Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit. Now with over $420,000 raised and a healthy 26 days left, the campaign is on track to easily exceed its $500,000 goal. But the Smithsonian’s road to crowdfunding success has been a long and bumpy one. Read More >>

The Minority Report of Famine Prediction Knows Where to Send Aid

On a day spent dodging Periscope unboxings of Apple Watches on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s difficult to believe that there’s too little information in the world. But when it comes to life-and-death predictions of agriculture in Africa, systems are woefully inadequate and the only hope is space. Read More >>

Magic Wands for Everyone at the Museum of the Future, Today

It's weird to see a working Nest thermostat on display at a Smithsonian museum in New York. It's even weirder to tinker with the gadget, pushing buttons and changing settings. But touching and tinkering with technology is the Cooper Hewitt future museum's speciality. Read More >>

Fish Look Crazy With X-Ray Vision

In a perfect world, anyone who sent in money for the novelty x-ray specs advertised in the back of comics would be gifted with the actual ability to see through solid stuff. In reality, we have to rely on the kindness of folks with real tech for a peek. So: Thanks, Smithsonian! Read More >>

These Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists Are Each Stunning in Totally Different Ways

Smithsonian Magazine has just announced the (absolutely incredible) finalists in what is now their 10th annual photography contest. Here are some of our favourites; they'll take your breath away. Read More >>

RIP Spidernaut: The Space-Traveling Arachnid Is Dead

Her name was Nefertiti. Her species was Phidippus johnsoni. She was the first jumping spider to make it all the way to space and live to tell about it. After spending 100 days aboard the ISS, she successfully readjusted to life on earth where she enjoyed just five days of retirement at the National Museum of Natural History's Insect Zoo. And sadly yesterday, she breathed her last. Read More >>

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The Smithsonian Turns To 3D Printing To Share Their Collection

According to The Creators Project, the Smithsonian has over 137 million pieces in its collection, but only enough room to display about 2 percent of them. So it's turning to 3D printing to share as much as it can. Read More >>