Smog-Filtering Screens Will Make Our Polluted Future Slightly More Tolerable

As our newly-elected leaders do everything they can to roll back environmental regulations, the future is looking more and more like a smog-filled dystopia. But not all scientific progress has ground to a halt. Scientists at National University of Singapore have created a transparent smog-filtering window screen that could make our lives a little less wheezy. Read More >>

Eerie Time-Lapse Shows Beijing Engulfed by a Relentless Wall of Smog

A new time-lapse taken over the course of just 20 minutes shows the mind-boggling extent of Beijing’s ongoing pollution problem. Read More >>

Disturbing Images Show the Extent of Delhi’s Extreme Pollution Emergency

Delhi, the capital city of India and home to 25 million residents, is in the midst of an “extreme pollution event”. In other words, the city has been overrun with smog – tons of it. Recent photographs show the extent of the problem, which is being blamed on everything from vehicle emissions and crop burning through to smoking and fireworks. Read More >>

Paris Is Now Banning All Pre-1997 Cars

Paris has tried just about everything to combat its terrible smog problem. The city has launched attempts to take half the cars off its road, introduce regular car-free days, and close famous streets to vehicular traffic—but Paris still has some of the worst pollution in Europe. Now a much bigger idea is going into effect: Kicking the oldest cars out of the city. Read More >>

Delhi’s Car Ban Experiment Didn’t Improve Air Quality That Much, But it Should Still Be Permanent

Earlier this year Delhi’s air pollution was so bad that the government banned half its cars from streets for 15 days. The policymaker who came up with the idea says the ban should be 365 days a year—but not because it improved air quality all that much. Read More >>

Air Pollution Kills 5.5 Million People Every Year Worldwide

The smog hovering over many major cities is not just an unhealthy inconvenience. Breathing that air is killing millions of people. A recent study in Nature estimated three million people died annually due to air quality. That number may be closer to 5.5 million premature deaths per year, according to a new study being presented today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read More >>

A New AI Estimates Pollution From Crowdsourced Images

Around the world, cities are choking on smog. But a new AI system plans to analyse just how bad the situation is by aggregating data from smartphone pictures captured far and wide across cities. Read More >>

Canada is Doing Quick Business Selling Bottled Air to China’s Polluted Cities

Millions of Chinese citizens have been blanketed in thick smog recently but where some people see only a dense haze, entrepreneurial Canadian businessmen see profit. Read More >>

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China’s Smog Makes Headlines But India’s is Much Worse

The red-alert issued by Beijing has been lifted as shifting weather patterns improved air quality for the first time in weeks. Although the world’s focus was on China’s skies, a dense smog is currently rendering India’s cities unrecognisable — and it’s far more dangerous. Read More >>

What Life Is Like in Beijing During China’s Worst Pollution Crisis Ever

The “airpocalypse” of smog swirling over Chinese cities has reached its most dangerous levels yet. Beijing issued its first-ever red alert today, closing schools and taking cars off the road. How bad is it? According to EPA guidelines levels are at 6: “Everyone should avoid all outdoor exertion.” Read More >>

China’s Airpocalypse is So Bad, it’s Banning Half the Cars in Beijing

Beijing issued its first-ever red alert on Monday. The radical measure means that half the cars in the capital must stay off the streets, outdoor construction must stop, and schools must close. The pollution is simply too dangerous. Read More >>

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What the Choking Blanket of Smog Over China Looks Like From Space

A thick and dangerous blanket of smog is currently enveloping Beijing and parts of Eastern China, forcing authorities to issue an “orange” alert, the second highest level of a four-tiered pollution scale. Here’s what it looks like from space. Read More >>

Even China’s State News Agency Thinks the Pollution “Doomsday” Has Arrived

Pollution levels in northeast China are breaking records. In fact, the air quality being recorded in the city of Shenyang is 50 times what the World Health Organisation (WHO) says is safe for breathing. China’s state news agency is comparing conditions to the end of the world. Read More >>

Remember, Remember: There’s a Downside to All Those Guy Fawkes Bonfires

“Remember, remember the fifth of November....” It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with extravagant fireworks displays and bonfires to burn the traitorous Fawkes in effigy. But a new study says that all that extra smoke and debris in the air wreak havoc with visibility. Read More >>