Satellite Images Show the Shocking Extent of Australia Bushfire Smoke

The bushfire crisis isn’t limited to Australia – it’s coming for the entire Southern Hemisphere atmosphere, too. Read More >>

Huge Wafts of Smoke From North American Wildfires Have Traveled All the Way to Europe

It’s been a particularly brutal wildfire season in parts of western North America, as several large blazes continue to cause headaches from California up to British Columbia. As shocking new satellite images show, the smoke from these fires hasn’t been limited to the west coast, or even the North American continent. It’s drifted all the way over the Atlantic Ocean into European skies. Read More >>

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Smoke Grenades Manage to Make Breakdancing Cool Again

Despite films like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo that helped popularise breakdancing in the ‘80s, the craze has, for better or for worse, become kind of lame over the past few decades. As these dancers demonstrate, however, maybe what was missing was nothing more than a few smoke grenades to liven things up. Read More >>

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This is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate a Cloud of Smoke

Here’s a useful driving safety tip from our friends in Russia who all seem to have in-vehicle dash cams: if you find yourself on the road behind a mysterious cloud of smoke, it might be a good idea to slow down and drive around the obstacle, instead of speeding up and finding out what’s behind all that smoke the hard way. Judging by a video of the aftermath, the results aren’t pretty. [YouTube via Twitter - Tim Stevens] Read More >>

Mushroom Cloud in Iconic Photo of Hiroshima Is Not Actually a Mushroom Cloud

Nuclear experts say this famous photo of an apparent mushroom cloud rising above the city of Hiroshima is not what it appears to be. The towering plume is actually billowing smoke rising up from the raging firestorms that followed the explosion. Read More >>

A Smoke Bomb Ice Cocktail Seems Almost Too Dangerous to Drink

If there’s smoke... should you drink it? Cocktail Chemistry shows how you can make an ice ball full of smoke for your cocktails, and once you crack it open you'll unleash the smoke monster. The effect is really cool, like the spirit gods are anointing your drink as worthy. Read More >>

Genetic Mutations Protect Lucky Smokers from Lung Disease

Some smokers who don't suffer any ill effects after a lifetime of sucking on the sticks of disease may simply be in possession of a better genetic makeup than their cancer riddled peers, with research suggesting that getting lucky and having the right kind of genes can protect smokers from suffering COPD in later life. Read More >>

Smoking Ban Should be Extended to Pub Gardens, Says Health Watchdog

The Royal Society for Public Health would like us to extend the exclusion zone that currently exists around any hardcore smokers that still exist in the UK, suggesting that the ban on smoking in public spaces should be extended to include outdoor spots where people congregate too, like parks, pub gardens, school gates and more. Read More >>

Even Old Thirdhand Cigarette Smoke Residue May be Dangerous to Kids

Researchers torturing poor little lab mice have found that their health is compromised by simply being near the residue left behind by smokers, with lingering after-smells said to affect the health of mice. So smoking in cars with your kids is probably going to be going to be even worse. Especially if you're a mouse and your children are mice. Read More >>

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How To Smoke a Cocktail

Wood smoke evokes all kinds of wonderful things. A campfire as a kid. A pit full of coals at a great barbecue joint. The aroma is intoxicating on its own, but bottled up—and stirred into a drink—it's indescribable. Expert barman Sother Teague showed us how a smoke infusion can give a cocktail a delicious twist. Read More >>

What Your Brain Looks Like When You Smoke Marijuana

ASAP Science does their thing again, this time explaining what happens to your brain when you smoke weed (or pot or marijuana or whatever the hell you call it). The nut of it: when you're high, whatever you think about when you're on marijuana starts to feel like the most important thought you ever had in your life. Until a new idea comes in and you get focused on that. Hmm... sounds about right. Watch the whole video to see the scientific breakdown with real sciencey words and all that. [AsapSCIENCE] Read More >>

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Did You Know You Create Rainbows Every Time You Blow a Candle?

This is a wonderful photograph of someone blowing a candle. If you look closely, you can see rainbows on the smoke. Why do they happen? Read More >>

Seeing a Smoke and Fire-Breathing Human Is So Wrong

Double you tee eff doesn't begin to explain this. This lunatic takes being a pyro to the next level. He stuffs his mouth with some sort of powder, waves a fan through his ear and starts a fire THROUGH HIS MOUTH. Read More >>