Microsoft Is Bringing “Smoked By Windows Phone” to the Mean Streets of the UK

Nokia brought its Windows Phone challenge to London once, but now Microsoft wants to bring its pretty obnoxious “smoked by Windows Phone” challenge to the rest of Britain. Thankfully Microsoft’s wisely been a tad more subtle for the UK and branded it “Dare to Live” – win and you claim £20; lose and you have to complete a “dare”. Read More >>

Nokia Takes “Smoked By Windows Phone” to the Mean Streets of London

After Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion backfired badly the other day, you’d think Nokia might want to steer well clear, but oh no. Nokia’s taking its version, the “Lumia Challenge”, out on the streets of London for Britons to have a crack at it. Read More >>

Galaxy Nexus-Owner Who “Smoked” the Windows Phone Gets Public Apology and More

Microsoft has seen the light -- or rather, felt pressured by the shitstorm of blog coverage their little travesty of a "smoked by Windows Phone" promotion caused -- and has given the Galaxy Nexus-owner the free Windows laptop he deserved to win, plus a Windows Phone and a public apology. Well, on Twitter, but still! Read More >>

Windows Phone Gets “Smoked” By a Galaxy Nexus

Remember Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion? It’s a pretty arrogant “challenge” that pits any other phone against a Windows Phone in a race to pull-up information like the weather. Apparently it’s just backfired, badly – a Galaxy Nexus just smoked a Windows Phone. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t take it like a man, instead throwing its toys out of the pram and rather screwing the pooch. Read More >>