Vaping May Not Help People Quit Smoking After All

One of the biggest arguments in favour of vaping is that it can help people ease themselves away from their addiction to tobacco smoking. But a new study published this week in PLoS One seems to offer a strong rebuttal to that line of thought. It suggests that people who use both tobacco and e-cigarettes are actually less likely to quit smoking than people who only stick to tobacco. Read More >>

The Flavouring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes May Harm Blood Vessels

The wide assortment of flavourings used to spice up your vaping experience could be damaging your cardiovascular system, suggests new research released today. The study, published in the journal of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, found that several common e-cigarette flavourings can directly harm blood vessels. But, as with so many similar studies, it’s hard to tell how relevant the findings are to a typical vaper. Read More >>

Wales is Getting Ready to Ban Smoking in Some Outdoor Areas

Smoking has been banned in public places for quite a few years now, longer if you've been living in Scotland, but that only prevented people from smoking inside. Now it's set to take another jump forward, with the Welsh government announcing plans to ban smoking in outdoor areas. Read More >>

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Can You Vape to Death?

I never thought I’d see the day, but vaping—the bejewelled fedora of nicotine delivery methods—is starting to seem a lot less ridiculous. Or, at least, somewhat less ridiculous. Juuling teens are still reliably funny. But at the same time, there are real, credentialed doctors out there making a case for vaping as a viable alternative to conventional smoking. One doctor, speaking to the New Yorker, claimed that if 10 per cent of the cigarette smoking population switched over to e-cigs, 6.6 million lives would be saved. Of course, we’re still unclear on what the long-term risks might be—some studies have suggested that e-cig vapour can be carcinogenic, and contain arsenic and lead. So if we’re all going to switch over to vaping, it might be useful at least to know, in the short-term, if it could possibly kill you. Read More >>

One Vaping Flavour Can Harm Human Cells, Study Finds

It’s a lingering question as to just how dangerous firing up an e-cigarette really is, especially when compared to the health impact of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Yet research presented this week at the American Thoracic Society’s annual conference suggests that part of the potential harm of vaping could come from the chemicals used to give them flavor. Read More >>

Your Coworker’s Outdoor Smoke Break Could Still Contaminate Your Cubicle, Study Finds

Smoking has been banned in public indoor spaces for years now — and for the better — but that doesn’t necessarily mean non-smokers are free from toxic cigarette chemicals. New research published Wednesday in Science Advances suggests that not only can the chemical residue left behind by cigarette smoking find its way into “smoke-free” buildings, but it can then attach itself to aerosol particles suspended in the air that are easily inhaled by our lungs. Read More >>

E-Cig Vapour Tested Positive for Lead and Arsenic in New Study

A new study, published Thursday in Environmental Health Perspectives, adds more evidence to the idea that e-cigarettes aren’t an entirely risk-free endeavour. It suggests that the very act of vaping might be exposing people to unsafe levels of toxins like lead and arsenic. Read More >>

A Japanese Company is Giving Non-Smokers Six Days Extra Holiday

It's one of those things that most people seem to have accepted about the working world. Everyone gets breaks at work, but smokers seem to get more because they're always off to light up every couple of hours. Well no more, says one Japanese company, and is offering extra holiday to make up for it. Read More >>

Non-smokers are Getting into Vaping

A survey of vaping paraphernalia shops has found that pretty much all of them are breaking industry guidelines by selling their fancy flavoured electronic cigarettes to people who don't and never have smoked. Read More >>

Russia Proposes Cigarette Ban For Anyone Born After 2015

Aside from meddling in the US election, there’s another thing the Russian Federation seems to be worrying a lot about these days: cigarette smoking. Read More >>

We Now Know Exactly How Much Smoking Messes Up Your Lungs

We already knew smoking was bad for our lungs, but a new study shows exactly how many DNA mutations per cell are caused by sucking on those nicotine sticks. If you’re interested in obsessively quantifying your bad life choices, know that smoking a pack a day will lead to approximately 150 mutations per lung cell each year. Read More >>

Robot Smoker Sacrifices Mini Lungs to Aid Understanding of Cigarette Damage

This contraption here is a robotic cigarette smoking machine, one programmed to puff away at various intensities to see what happens. And they've loaded it up with living samples of lung tissue. Read More >>

Motion to Ban E-Cigarettes From Public Places Gets Mixed Response From Doctors

The medical world is still very much split on the topic of e-cigarettes, with some senior doctors now calling for them to be banned from public places. Dr Iain Kennedy, a consultant in public health from Glasgow, proposed the motion at the British Medical Association’s annual meeting in Belfast this week, receiving support in some quarters and criticism in others. Read More >>

Is This Colour Ugly Enough to Make You Quit Smoking?

This colour—Pantone 448C—is considered to be the ugliest colour in the world, according to an Australian survey, and it’s easy to see why. It looks like a combination of dirt and mucus. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the UK’s New Tobacco Laws

As if smokers didn’t have enough to worry about, what with having to brave the British summer every time they fancy sucking back on a smoke stick, having really smelly fingers and, you know, being stuck on a road to cancerville, new tobacco laws have just come into force in the UK and across Europe. Read More >>