Business Offers Non-Smokers Extra Holiday

KCJ Training and Employment Solutions in Swindon is at the forefront of a new war on smoking, with the company's boss deciding to reward non-smokers with an extra four days of holiday each year as thanks for not continually wandering off to enjoy a well-earned cigarette with the other cool people outside the tradesman's entrance. Read More >>

Juul Employees Reportedly Can’t Stop Vaping at Work

Who’d have thought the company that developed a discreet and highly addictive nicotine product would have trouble preventing its very own employees from using it in the workplace? Read More >>

New Study Links Vaping to Chronic Lung Illness in Humans

The potential dangers of long-term vaping have largely been hypothetical, but a new study out today provides the first real evidence that it can increase the risk of chronic lung disease in humans. And while the risk may be much higher for those who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, it’s amplified in people who both vape and smoke. Read More >>

We Now Have Direct Evidence That Vitamin E Is Behind Vaping Illness Outbreak

On Friday, U.S. federal health officials announced a breakthrough in solving the mystery of why people are getting seriously ill from vaping. They detected vitamin E acetate – an oily, synthetic form of the vitamin commonly added to black-market THC vape products – in lung fluid samples taken from all of the patients they’ve tested so far. Read More >>

Filtered Cigarettes Are One of the Worst Types of Pollution and We Should Ban Them, Experts Argue

Some scientists have had it up to here with cigarette butts, particularly those from cigarettes with filtered plastic tips. In a new op-ed this week, researchers have called for a global ban of filtered cigarettes, pointing out that the products aren’t any safer for us (as was once commonly advertised). In addition, they’re one of the most common sources of plastic pollution in the world. Read More >>

US Food and Drug Administration Is Investigating 127 Incidents of Seizures Possibly Linked to Use of E-Cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week that it is investigating 127 reports of seizures or other neurological issues that may be linked to the use of e-cigarettes, a figure that has expanded by nearly 100 since the agency first announced its probe back in April. Read More >>

Cigarette Butts Stunt Plants’ Growth

Other humans aren’t the only living things affected by your smoking habit, scientists warn. Their new research suggests that at least some plants can’t grow as well in the presence of discarded cigarette butts. Read More >>

Vape Shops Arrive in Hospitals

Two vape shops have opened in hospitals in the West Midlands, and they're not even the slightest bit clandestine or underground. The vaping materials are changing hands in plain sight, there are signs up advertising their availability, and everyone is OK with it. Read More >>

Stranger Things 2 Was the Worst TV Series For Depictions of Smoking, According to Report

America's largest non-profit health organisation, Truth Initiative, has named-and-shamed Netflix amongst its list of offenders that frequently depict smoking and vaping in is programming. Read More >>

Doctors Warn Smoking Destroys Your Eyes as Well as Everything Else

Eye doctors, who call themselves optometrists when being formal and filling out car insurance forms, would like cigarette packaging to start warning smokers of the dangers of sight loss too; as it's perhaps not widely known that the old smokey sticks can have a terrible impact on eyesight. Read More >>

Polar’s Latest Fitness Smartwatch is For Data Dummies

Fitness tracking can get old fast, especially if you’re a beginner staring at a bunch of numbers that don’t make sense. Polar in particular, is known for tracking in-depth metrics and that’s given it the reputation for creating wearables meant for serious athletes only. But its latest smartwatch – the Ignite – seems aimed at the more casual enthusiast – the weekend warrior who’s a data dummy. Read More >>

Is Secondhand Vape Bad for You?

You don’t have to look far to find a fresh study suggesting that e-cigarette use isn’t harmless, even if the products are likely less toxic than traditional tobacco cigarettes. But what about people sitting in the same room or living in the same home as someone who vapes? Is there such a thing as secondhand vape? And just how dangerous could it be? Read More >>

1980s Cigarette Salesman Blames the Freebies for His Lung Cancer

Simon Neale worked as a salesman for Rothmans back in the 1980s, so it's no surprise that he enjoyed the odd smoke. What does seem particularly insane looking back, though, is that his employer handed him an allowance of free cigarettes averaging to about 40 a day over the period of his employment; a bizarre promotion that Neale says contributed to his smoking habit and led to his 2019 lung cancer diagnosis. Read More >>

E-Cigarettes Really Can Help You Quit Smoking, Large New Study Finds

The debate over the potential harms and benefits of vaping has raged on for years. But the results of a large trial here in the UK have provided the pro-vaping side its biggest win yet. It found that people trying to quit smoking were almost twice as likely to succeed over a year’s time if they used electronic cigarettes compared to people who stuck to typical nicotine replacement therapy. Read More >>

ASMR Cigarette Lighters Are A Thing Now

ASMR – that thing the internet loves where people whisper to you on YouTube and make noises with tactile things to give you tingles – has officially jumped the shark, because American brand Zippo has unveiled a range of ASMR lighters. OK then. Read More >>