UberEats and McDonald’s Argue Over Who Put Snail in Man’s Burger

Modern man Aiden Griffiths had a modern dinner delivered in modern style by UberEats yesterday, although his comfortable home dining experience was ruined by the discovery of a live snail enjoying the salad part of his delicious burger. Read More >>

Lefty Snail Jeremy Has Died, Bringing a Heartwarming Story to an End

Left-handedness has its challenges during human childhood. You can’t use most scissors, and coaches have difficulty teaching you how to use a tennis racket. But things were much harder for Jeremy, the incredibly rare lefty snail who couldn’t find love. But now, Jeremy is dead. Read More >>

480-Million-Year-Old Slug Looks Like a Horrifying Mutated Bathmat

480 million years ago, a slug-like ancestor of modern snails and clams had hundreds of tiny teeth, a body covered in prickly spines, and a built-in helmet. Called Calvapilosa, it’s one of the earliest — and weirdest — mollusks ever discovered. Read More >>

Poisonous Snail Goo Could Rescue Diabetics

Cone snails employ a fast-acting venom to paralyse their prey. But what is bad news for fish is good news for diabetics. New research suggests the “weaponised insulin” produced by these sea critters is far more efficient than conventional medicines used to treat high blood sugar. Read More >>

Glow in the Dark Snails Make Boring Research Beautiful

A group of researchers from the ecology department at the University of Exeter have been spending time studying how snails transmit a parasite called lungworm to dogs. Ah, my god, how boring. But they made something beautiful out of the project when they attached LEDs to the slow moving slugs to track their movements at night. Read More >>

Vampiric Implants Turn Snails Into Tiny Recon Scouts

The idea of using insects and other small creatures as data-gathering devices has always been hampered by the need for short-lived external batteries. But what if you used the animal's own metabolism to continuously power their sensors? Read More >>

These Tiny Snails Are So Small They Look Like Cute Little Boogers

Unlike the world's biggest bugs, these Partula snails are so small they look like little ants wearing a Halloween snail costume. And even though I usually hate bugs, when you miniaturise them, they look kind of cute! Read More >>