Woman’s Public Plea After Reptile Triggers Doorbell Cam: ‘Someone PLEASE Come Get This Snake’

Last week, Kansas resident Makenze Bullins got an alert on her smartwatch telling her someone was at her door. What she didn’t know then that her Nest Hello doorbell camera was actually picking up a friendly resident snake. Read More >>

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That Viral Video of a Hawk Throwing a Snake is Totally Fake

Have you seen this video of a hawk crashing a picnic in Australia? The bird picks up a snake and tosses it at some people minding their own business. The poor folks then run off in horror. The video has gone viral, with nearly 1 million views in the past day. But it’s totally fake. Read More >>

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BBC Three’s Bodyhack Documentary Follows an Amputee With the Bonkers Bionic Arm From Metal Gear Solid V

Meet James Young, a 25-year-old gamer who lost an arm and a leg in a DLR accident three years ago. In a scarcely believable twist of fate, gaming giant Konami last year was on the lookout for an amputee it could turn into Snake, the bionic-armed, bad-as-fuck lead character from Metal Gear Solid V. Read More >>

Snake-Eat Man “Wasn’t Scared” But Bailed Out on Stunt Anyway

The man who said he was going to let himself be eaten by a snake on TV pulled out of the stunt halfway through, claiming he did so out of concern for the snake rather than any sense of fear and dread about going headfirst into an anaconda's tummy. Read More >>

Man Hacks Backlit Keyboard to play Snake

A very clever use of a Cooler Master keyboard's lighting system, but get back to us when you've hacked it to play GTA V or something we're not already extremely bored of. [YouTube via Independent] Read More >>

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If You Were a Snake Grand Master, This Is What It Would Look Like

I was pretty good at Snake back in the day; armed with my trusty 3210 I was the boss. But, honestly, I didn't get anywhere near to this level of epic Snake mastery. This is what it would look like if you actually managed to finish Snake without dying. Read More >>

A Snake Game Makes Smart Watches Suddenly Amazing

So the whole iWatch thing seems to have thrown up the massive question of "would you wear a smartwatch", with answers ranging from "hell no!" to "shut up and take my money". But let's be honest, if the aforementioned gadget could play Snake, there's no question at all -- you'd want one. Read More >>

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This Is What It’s Like to Really Live on the Edge

The ordered lines of Jerome, Idaho (population: 10,000) start to disintegrate as you approach those parts of town that teeter on the edge of the Snake river canyon. Here the homes are "unregulated and unzoned", says photographer Michael Light, who took this shot from his own light aircraft. Read More >>

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Video Shows 3-Metre Python Riding on an Airliner’s Wing

This 3m-long python flew from Cairns, Australia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, attached to the wing of a Qantas' passenger airplane. Sadly, the poor snake didn't survive the trip, which lasted about 90 minutes. Warning: the video is hard to watch. Viewer discretion is advised. Read More >>

Here’s the Best Way to Play Old School Snake on Your Fancy Smartphone

If you had a Nokia phone long, long ago—and if you were alive then, you probably did—the best time murdering/happy fun time you could do with it was to play Snake. Those buttons were a joy to push! Read More >>

Hard Lines for Android: Snake Rogers in the 25th Century

Everyone and their aunt has played Snake, right? It came standard on most Nokia phones (it probably still does), a bare-bones monochromatic puzzler that involved stopping a greedy snake from bashing into its own tail. Read More >>