Escaped Boa Constrictor Slithers Its Way Into Charity Shop Donations

Workers at a sorting facility for Goodwill, a chain of American charity shops, in the US city of Fort Worth, Texas were stunned to discover a live, albino red-tailed boa constrictor mixed in with donations on Thursday, NBC New York reported this week. Read More >>

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Security Camera Captures Five-Foot Python Falling From Bank Ceiling

What was probably a very boring meeting at a Chinese bank got a lot more exciting when a surprise reptilian guest dropped by. Read More >>

Baby Snake That Lived Among Dinosaurs Found Preserved in Amber

Scientists working in Myanmar have uncovered a nearly 100-million-year-old baby snake encased in amber. Dating back to the Late Cretaceous, it’s the oldest known baby snake in the fossil record, and the first snake known to have lived in a forested environment. Read More >>

Live Python ‘Artfully Concealed’ in Hard Drive Enclosure Fails to Get on Plane

A snake is still stranded in the United States after airline security refused to allow it to board a plane to the Caribbean. Read More >>

Bored Humans Dumped 104 Quirky Pet Boa Constrictors Last Year

Snake-tipping is emerging as a new menace in the UK's parks and countryside, as people – once they've got some social media content from their quirky reptilian pet choice – are dumping unwanted odd pets like boa constrictors in parks. Read More >>

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Which Animal Kills the Most Humans?

Animals fatally maul, sting, trample, and chew about a million humans per year. Pretty nice of them, given the numbers on our side—the average of 950 million birds we kill in the UK every year for our consumption, for instance. In an ideal world, no one would ever get mauled by a bear, or contract rabies from a feral squirrel. But for this week’s Giz Asks, we’re asking which creatures are most desperate for our blood (or, in fairness to the animal kingdom, which are most likely to kill us by accident). Read More >>

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This Video of a Vet Pulling a Slipper Out of a Snake Is Gnarly as Heck

An elderly Australian man went to bed on Tuesday of last week with his slippers under his bed, but woke up Wednesday morning to find only one of the slippers waiting for him. Read More >>

YouTuber ‘VenomMan20’ Charged After Taking Venomous Snakes Home From Zoo

On YouTube, 28-year-old Brandon Joseph Boyle went by “VenomMan20.” Now, he goes by “defendant.” Maryland Natural Resources Police in the US have charged the former zoo worker with multiple counts of illegal possession of venomous snakes and animal cruelty. Read More >>

Dangerous Snake Found in Kid’s Packed Lunch

Just in case you need another reason to never, ever go to Australia, a venomous snake has turned up inside a school lunch box. Not just any venomous snake either — it was an eastern brown. And in case you're not up on your herpetology, that's the world's second most venomous snake. Nope. Super nope. Read More >>

Snakes Could Be Spreading Flowers By Pooing Mice

You probably have this image of the circle of life in your head where a zebra eats a plant, a lion eats the zebra, the lion dies and fertilises the soil, and then new plants grow. I mean, that sort of happens, but have you considered where snakes fit into all of this? Read More >>

Escaped Snake Skips Fare on Shipley Bus

Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him? Forget snakes on a plane — public transport users in West Yorkshire had a shock when a two-foot long corn snake was found at the back of a bus. Read More >>

Brutal Fungal Disease Could Threaten Snakes on a Global Scale

It starts with a single lesion. And then another. Soon, the snake’s entire body is covered in the unsightly sores. If the snake is lucky, its skin will start moulting, expunging the reptile of the infection. Less fortunate snakes will die. And in some cases, desperate snakes will spend more time in the sun to expedite the molting process—a risky move that makes them vulnerable to predators. Read More >>

Freaky New Sea Snake Has a Terrifying Hunting Strategy

A new subspecies of sea snake has been discovered off the coast of Costa Rica, and it’s got a unique hunting style that’s never been seen before in aquatic reptiles. Hanging from the surface like a coiled spring, it preys upon unsuspecting fish as they swim below. Read More >>

These Badass Little Snakes Eat Bigger Snakes

Professional fighters have weight classes for a reason: no matter how adept the smaller fighter is, a much bigger one will probably have some sort of advantage. But size is rarely an issue in the snake world if a kingsnake is competing — and the little snake usually eats the bigger snake. So there’s that. Read More >>

Idiots Try to Ship Poisonous Snakes and Spiders to Australia, As If They Need More

When a suspicious looking box labelled “two pair shoes” arrived in Australia from Northern Europe recently, the Australian Border Force sent it through an x-ray. They didn’t find shoes, of course. Instead, the box contained a terrifying assortment of poisonous snakes, spiders, and scorpions—as if the country needed more of those. Read More >>