Here’s What Snapchat’s Desperate Gamble on a Redesign Allegedly Looks Like

Snapchat, which desperately needs to attract more users as its parent company Snap finds itself swirling the drain just eight months post-IPO (it’s fucked), announced in an earnings report earlier this week it is planning a major redesign in an attempt to attract a new demographic (the olds). According to Business Insider, the launch date for Snap’s last-ditch gamble is pretty soon: 4th December. Read More >>

Snapchat Is Redesigning Its App Because It Knows It’s Too Hard to Use

To make Snapchat more useable for olds, Snap is planning a “disruptive” redesign that could piss off the young. Read More >>

It Sounds Like Snap’s Spectacles Blunder Was Even Bigger Than We Thought

“Excess” camera sunglasses have cost Snapchat’s parent company Snap $39.9 million in the last three months. The news is not a great look for Snap, which—according to the Information—had “hundreds of thousands” Spectacles piling up in warehouses as of last month. We knew about the inventory; now we get to hear about the cancelled orders for more. Read More >>

Snap’s Latest Hardware is a Dancing Hot Dog Costume

Last year, Snapchat became a “camera company,” changed its name to Snap, and unveiled its first piece of hardware: camera sunglasses called Spectacles. Today, Snap is evolving yet again. That AR dancing hot dog, the star of its last earnings call, is now officially an $80 (£60) halloween costume available on Amazon. Read More >>

augmented reality
Artist Protests Augmented Reality Sculpture By Digitally ‘Vandalising’ Snapchat Balloon Dog

Augmented reality promised us a world of whimsy not confined by the rules of science. This week, we instead got a tech behemoth promoting their struggling app by plopping virtual sculptures into already magnificent places. And the art world is already firing back. Read More >>

Snap Screws Up Basic Website, Blows Lid Off Its Own Surprise AR Announcement

Snap, Inc., the social media giant behind Snapchat and Bitmoji, launched a countdown clock for a mystery announcement on Monday afternoon at Read More >>

Snapchat CEO on Company Earnings: The Dancing Hot Dog Was Loved by All

Despite sounding pretty screwed during its second-ever investor call on Thursday, Snapchat had a teeny nugget of good news to share. “Our dancing hot dog is likely the world’s very first augmented reality superstar,” said billionaire Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on a webcast with investors. The dancing dog has been seen more than 1.5 billion times inside the app, Spiegel said, which is fun news indeed! Read More >>

Snapchat Debuts New Disappearing Stock Price

Snap Inc., the parent company formerly known as Snapchat, just released its first earnings report since its IPO, and the results aren’t pretty. Snap missed analyst revenue estimates by $10 million, bringing in $149.6 million in revenue. And although Snapchat had a 36 per cent jump in daily active users on a year over year basis, it added just eight million new users (five per cent), from last quarter. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Parent Company Starts Trading on Wall Street Today

Today’s the big day for Snap Inc., the parent company of dick pic app Snapchat and some confusing drone project: It’s set to begin trading on Wall Street today after the company priced its IPO at £14 a share. Snap’s valuation could be as high as £20 billion, the largest for a US-based tech company since Facebook went public. It’s just a bummer that Snap seems like it’s doomed, since it lost over half a billion dollars last year. Read More >>

Snap Will Say Literally Anything to Prove Its Stock Is Worth It

Just hours before Snap Inc. is set to price its initial public offering, The New York Times published a humdinger of a report. According to three anonymous sources, the company is building a drone in an attempt to be “a modern-day camera company.” Seems desperate. Read More >>

The BBC Has a Mini Planet Earth II Coming to Snapchat

The BBC's epic tale of things eating other things then having sex and dying is coming to Snapchat, for some odd reason, with a specifically built version of the nature documentary set to arrive on the social sharing format on February 17. Read More >>

Source of Snapchat Hack Says Only 500 MB of Data Affected

Over the weekend, third-party Snapchat service Snapsaved confirmed it was hacked. The good news is that it claims only 500 MB of data were compromised. The bad news is that it could still be a a huge amount of snaps. Read More >>

Windows 10 Hands-On: Well Hello There, Start Menu!

It's finally official: Windows 10 is on the way. It's the Windows to rule all Windows, a single operating system for PCs, phones, and tablet, and it's coming in 2015. But you don't care about any of that. You just want to know about the goddamn Start Menu already. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 12

Another day of the Lolympics passes, but at last, Australia concedes defeat. Google's also thrown up an excruciatingly addictive doodle, while we get a peek at what makes the our immense cyclists tick, technology-wise. We also saw a pole vault snap mid-jump; the brand police go nuts over a watch; the Daily Express and Mirror get totally confused by photos, and Jessica Ennis' golden postbox got vandalised -- only in Britain. Read More >>