Snapchat Employees Allegedly Misused Internal Tools to Snoop on Users: Report

Existing online today means giving over a wealth of data. The hope is that the companies safeguarding it are doing so securely, but thousands of people work for these companies, and all it takes is a few bad actors with the right access to peep at some of your most intimate personal details. And, according to two former Snap employees who spoke with Motherboard, that’s exactly what happened at Snapchat. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Viral Garbage Machine Strikes Again

Snapchat filters—love’em or hate’em, about once a year one goes viral, floods your timeline, and you think to yourself, “Oh yeah, Snapchat still exists.” Read More >>

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Facebook Should Tell Kids When They’re Being Monitored, Says ICO

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has released a list of 16 recommendations for social media platforms to use when designing for children, including turning off geolocation by default and letting them know when a parent is watching. Read More >>

Snapchat: Hi, Hello, I’m Still Here. Please Stay.

In a bid to remain relevant, Snap Inc. has launched a slew of new products for its Snapchat app, including an augmented reality (AR) developer platform and a games platform. Read More >>

MPs are After Snapchat’s ‘Addictive’ Streaks Now

I don't really understand Snapchat, and the layout of the app itself has always been rather confusing. But it's popular with the youth of today, and it's being scrutinised as a result. But rather than being scrutinised for data breaches, trying to ignore the spread of fake news or literal nazism, Snapchat is under some fire for its 'streaks' feature which some MPs reckon is too addictive for the kids to handle. Read More >>

Snap Reportedly Settled With Multiple Female Employees Who Said Layoffs Targeted Women

Two cost-cutting rounds of layoffs affected hundreds of Snap employees last year beginning in March. While the company, which owns Snapchat, maintains that the majority of these employees were men, a greater number of employees across some teams who worked directly with the company’s top brass and were laid off were women, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Read More >>

Snap is Now Slightly Less Screwed

Snap Inc., the company behind the Snapchat app and a failed line of wearable cameras, is slightly less fucked than it was before, according to Q4 2018 earnings released on Tuesday. Read More >>

Snapchat: So, About Those Public Stories That Automatically Disappear… Would You Miss Them

Snapchat owner Snap Inc. has had a rough go of it lately. Its stock, which hit the market at $17 per share (~£13) (and peaked at $29.44 (£22.30)) during its initial public offering in March 2017, is in the gutter – a high of $6.54 (£5) so far in 2019. It’s seemingly hit a wall in growth, and it’s still bleeding cash. A major update to the app last year was hated on by so many users Snap was forced to issue a redesign of the redesign. Read More >>

Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

Snap has reportedly ousted multiple high-ranking employees after an investigation into an alleged scandal involving its now former head of global security Francis Racioppi, the Wall Street Journal’s Maureen Farrell reported Friday. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Brought Back Big Ben For Selfie-Snapping Tourists

It's not a great time to visit the UK as a tourist. Besides all the Brexit nonsense and the December weather, one of our greatest tourist spots is under scaffolding and silent. Read More >>

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How to Purge Social Media ‘Friends’ So You Can Have Fun Online Again

It now seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that social media is bad—bad for our well-being and privacy, too much of a time-sink, and so on. But does it have to be? Can it be made good? Or, slightly less bad? Shaking up who you follow and share with can do wonders for your social media life, and here’s how to go about it. Read More >>

Who’s Screwed, Who’s Not: The Tech Earnings Report Roundup

The unstoppable stock market has been experiencing some turmoil recently with the S&P 500 experiencing the most daily losses since 2008. Tariffs, interest rate hikes, and tech stocks are getting a lot of the blame from financial tea-readers. Here’s the good and the bad we saw from the earnings reports of the tech giants that showed their hands last week. Read More >>

Influencer Sued for Allegedly Not Influencing Nearly as Hard as He Was Paid To

Grown-ish actor and reported onetime Kourtney Kardashian suitor Luka Sabbat is facing down a lawsuit from Snap Inc.’s public relations firm, PR Consulting, for allegedly violating the terms of an “influencer” agreement worth £46,000. Read More >>

Teens Are Deserting Facebook for Facebook-Owned Instagram, Survey Finds

If teens are the litmus test for what’s cool, Facebook is hurdling into mediocrity. A new survey indicates that slightly more than a third of teenagers use Facebook at least once a month, a number that has only decreased over the last few years. Read More >>

Sure Looks Like Snapchat’s Becoming a Thing We Don’t Have to Pretend to Care About Anymore

Stalling growth is technically no longer Snapchat’s biggest problem. Instead, Snap shared worse news with the world today in its latest earnings report: For the first time, it’s shrinking. Read More >>