Qualcomm Boosts 2015’s Flagship Chipset With LTE Category 9

The specs of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810, which will find itself in all manner of high-end mobiles next year, have been clarified a little, with the chip king confirming LTE category 9 Carrier Aggregation will be supported. Read More >>

64-bit Sony Xperia Z3X Specs Appear in Benchmark Tests

Sony hasn't released a new phone since last week, so it's about time for a few new models to appear. Enter the rumoured Xperia Z3X, which has popped up in benchmarking suite AnTuTu. Read More >>

Your Next Smartphone Could Have Blisteringly Fast Wi-Fi

How fast your phone can scream along on Wi-Fi doesn't just depend on your internet speed; you also need a killer connection from your router to the device in your hand. A new acquisition by Qualcomm means the tech in question could be in your next phone. Read More >>