Just Like its Predecessor, the Mini SNES Classic Can be Hacked

At the start of the year it was revealed that the miniature NES Classic could be hacked, meaning you could unlock the console and add other games. Now that the SNES Classic is making its way into the hands of people around the world, someone's discovered that it's also just as hackable. Read More >>

SNES Classic Review: Nice Dose of Retro Gaming, if You Can Get One

After the success of last year's NES Classic, which proved to be far more popular than Nintendo ever even considered, it was no surprise that it went ahead with a miniature version of the SNES. So far the whole pre-order farce has shown that it's going to be just as, if not more, popular than its predecessor. But is it worth it? Read More >>

Nintendo Urges Public: Don’t Pay Inflated Third-Party Prices for SNES Classic

At this point, last year’s NES Classic is best remembered as the cute, retro gadget no one could buy because Nintendo didn’t produce enough of them. In a new interview, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé swears this won’t be the case with the SNES Classic—and that pre-order screw-ups were not Nintendo’s fault. Read More >>