Here’s What People Thought of YouTube When It First Launched in the Mid-2000s

When YouTube first launched 15 years ago, a lot of people weren’t sure what to make of it. Anyone can upload a video to this service? Why do I want to hear what some obnoxious teenager has to say from their bedroom? Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch Presents the Apple Toilet on SNL

Apple haters rejoice! SNL and Dr. Strange himself took Apple’s history of over-the-top marketing of (occasionally underwhelming) iterative design to task and yeah, it was actually funny. Read More >>

GoPro Parody Invites Action Cam Enthusiasts to “Go Deeper”

GoPro is the go anywhere, do anything camera that's the go-to solution for athletes to capture that perfect wave or that harrowing 1080, but last night on US sketch show Saturday Night Live another addition to the GoPro family was dreamt up, specifically for detecting colon cancer: the GoProbe. Read More >>

Shut Up, Haters, Rihanna Didn’t Rip Off Your Nerd Art

Self-proclaimed "web artists" are in a huff Rihanna's weekend Saturday Night Live performance, which featured green-screen graphics clearly influenced by the often tacky aesthetics of the internet. Sorry, whiners. You don't own the screensaver. Read More >>