Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition To Let Snoop Dogg Adopt Abandoned Dog

Remember the dog who was heartlessly abandoned by the side of the road in Stoke-On-Trent in December? The one who ran pitifully after his owner's car, trying to get back in as the scumbag accelerated and drove away, leaving the dog to fend for itself with just its bed on the pavement for company? Read More >>

Is Snoop Dogg the Next Twitter CEO?

Last night Twitter announced that its CEO, Dick Costolo will be stepping down on the 1st of July, and will be temporarily replaced by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey while the company hunts for someone to take the reins full time. It seems though that company has one unlikely application: the rapper Snoop Dogg. Read More >>

Snoopify Just No
Snoop Dogg’s Got His Own Instagram Now

Yes, really. Meet Snoopify, a crappy little app that'll spice up your photos with filters stickers, and make you Snoop Dogg's best buddy*. Why on Earth would anyone actually use this crap? Read More >>