Fact Checking Site Snopes Is Being Held Hostage In Messy Legal Battle

Internet fact checking site Snopes is currently crowdfunding for legal fees claiming that it's being held hostage by its former hosting and advertising partner. The mythbusters are looking to raise $500,000 to cover staff costs and legal fees amid a ferocious battle for ownership of the site. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Plan to Deal With Fake News is Too Vague and Too Late

Around 2.30 am on Saturday morning (9.30 pm Friday EST), Mark Zuckerberg really pushed the limits of a Friday night news dump when he posted Facebook’s new plan for dealing with fake news, which includes vague notes on “warnings” and “disrupting fake news economics”. Again, the social media mogul mostly communicated that he would just like us to trust him. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to the Back to the Future Day Hoax, One of the Internet’s Best Memes

Marty McFly finally arrived in modern-day Hill Valley, California earlier today, and I'll admit I’m a little sad. Because his arrival signifies the end of one of the best internet memes of all time. Read More >>