Growing Snowflakes in a Lab Is Science at its Most Beautiful

There’s a wonderful irony to the fact that every single snowflake is a unique masterpiece, but they’re too small for the human eye to enjoy. Thankfully they can also be grown in a lab, by scientists like Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, the “Snowflake Consultant” for Disney’s Frozen, who also films his microscopic creations so they can be studied, shared, and made into captivating GIFs. Read More >>

Robots are Making Adorable Paper Snowflakes to Give Us a False Sense of Security

Dear robots of the world, don’t for a second think you’re fooling us with adorable demonstrations of your crafting capabilities this Christmas. Because one second you’re making paper snowflakes, and the next you’re using those same scissors to usurp your human handlers. We’re on to you! Read More >>

This Physicist’s Designer Snowflakes Are Dazzling

You might say Ken Libbrecht is into snowflakes. In fact, they’re one of the main subjects he studies in his lab at Caltech. He’s even got a high-tech snowflake machine, which he uses to grow dazzling designer flakes of all shapes and sizes. Read More >>

Is Every Snowflake Actually Unique?

You've been told that "no two snowflakes are alike" more times than you can count. But is that actually the case? And if so—why? Fortunately, Joe Hanson of It's Okay to Be Smart has done us the favour of breaking down the science of snowflakes, how they become so intricate, and why, even though some may appear similar, looks can be deceiving. Read More >>

Charity Gift Wrap Turns Common Germs Into Pwetty Wittle Snowflakes

Homelessness charity St. Mungos has created this charming gift wrap, consisting of three heart-warming snowflake scenes. But they're not snowflakes, they're the cold, influenza and pneumonia viruses, blown up to highlight but three of the problems faced by the homeless in winter. All money goes to charity. Buy here: [Wrap Up Project] Read More >>

So How Exactly Do Snowflakes Become Frozen Works of Art?

We probably all have a rough idea of how exactly a snowflake forms high above our heads, but BytesizeScience breaks down the specifics of why every flake has six sides, how they can become so intricate, and why there might actually be plenty of them that look exactly the same. Read More >>

These Macro Pictures of Snowflakes Are Stunningly Beautiful

You forget how beautifully ornate snowflakes can be until you see them up close, in full detail. This photo series from Andrew Osokin shows how stunningly gorgeous each snowflake is. They look unreal. Read More >>