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Watch the World’s First Double Backflip on a Snowmobile

Snowmobiles weigh over 204 kilos so flipping them once in mid-air is already insanity, but Daniel Bodin wanted to do something nobody else has ever done, so he went for it and nailed a double backflip on a snowmobile. It’s a helluva trick that was attempted back in 2009 and 2011 at the X-Games but hasn’t ever been landed before like this. Read More >>

This Motorcycle With Snowmobile Tracks is the Most Overkill Way to Crush Your Winter Commute

Forget about trying to cram your way onto an already packed underground carriage when it’s snowy and you need to get to work. Motorcycle maker Christini has applied its expertise in building two-wheel drive bikes to a new snow-thrashing machine called the II-Track Snow Bike system that promises to make wintery commutes actually enjoyable. Read More >>

A Snowmobile That Works On Water Looks Way More Fun Than a Jet Ski

As the weather warms up it’s finally time to pack away those winter clothes and start figuring out how you’ll maximise the hot summer months. Any activity involving a lake is obviously a good choice, but before you spend thousands on a Jet Ski, you might want to wait until these engineering students perfect their snowmobile-like device that also skims across water, but not when it’s frozen. Read More >>

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Watch These Lunatics Use Parachutes To Fly Their Snowmobiles Around

Bored? Canadian? Need something to do with those snowmobiles and parachutes you've got hanging around? Enter parasledding: the motorsport that's exactly what it sounds like. As you can in this (sometimes-painfully-portrait-oriented) video, it combines all the joys of being on an extremely heavy and fast-moving vehicle and floating in the air with not all that much control over where you're going. Read More >>

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Snowmobilers Meet a Terrifying Avalanche

These riders in Norway were having a little competition to see who could get the furthest up the mountain before their snowmobilers couldn't go any further. Just like any other guys hanging out these days, they were filming their competition—then the mountain flipped the script on them and an avalanche came rolling down after them as they tried to flee. Read More >>