Soap Shop Abandons Bizarre Political Window Displays

Soap shop Lush, that place on the high street that smells of lemons and old women when you walk past it, has decided to stop running its extremely off-message window displays about undercover police corruption. It's retreating back to its core messaging that smelling of lavender is good and here's where to come if present shopping for grandma. Read More >>

The Beauty of Freezing Bubbles Is the Only Good Thing About Nightmarish Winter Temperatures

Did you for some reason think the gruelling endurance march that was 2017 would end without one final ordeal? You fool. Right now people across the Atlantic are enduring record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, with the only silver lining being that it’s cold enough to instantly freeze soap bubbles, which it turns out is shockingly beautiful. Read More >>

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These Artists Use Oil, Paint, and Soap to Create Tiny Alien Galaxies

Scientists trying to unlock the secrets of our universe’s origin need to look no further than the photography studio of Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack. By mixing nothing more than paints, oil, and soap, the artists manage to create colourful miniature universes full of strange, tiny alien worlds. Read More >>

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Mixing Oil, Paint, and Soap Looks Like Flying Over a Distant Alien World

The next time NASA releases spectacular footage from a flyover of a distant planet or moon, you’ll have good reason to wonder if what you’re watching actually came from a spaceship, or from a microscope in a studio filming oil, paint, and liquid soap all mixed together. Read More >>

Does Hand Sanitiser Actually Work?

Hand sanitiser is a constant presence in modern life, from your purse to your office desk to the automatic dispensers in airports and classrooms. Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it’s looking for data on the safety and efficacy of these products. Read More >>

New Plastic Coating Will Let You Get Every Last Drop of Shampoo Out of the Bottle

Getting that last bit of shampoo or washing up liquid out of a bottle is a total pain. Researchers have now engineered a surface coating that allows thick and soapy products to slide right out — meaning you’ll never have to store your shampoo bottle upside down ever again. Read More >>

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A 3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen Takes Bubble Baths to the Next Level

Replacing desktop 3D printers with hand-held 3D-printing pens never quite lived up to the promise of letting users turn sketches into real-life objects. And that’s partly because 3D-printing pens aren’t as forgiving as this 3D Foam Pen that swaps melted plastic for soap suds. Read More >>

The Spectacular Art of Painting With Soap Bubbles 

If you don't know how they're made, Jiří Georg Dokoupil's paintings might look like microscope photos of phosphorescent deep-sea hydrozoa, or maybe computer-generated cartoon characters. Turns out, they're actually the permanent evidence something way simpler: bubbles. Read More >>

Glowing Nuclear Soap is “Perfectly Safe”

Here's a fun present for the Breaking Bad fan in your life. Soap, but exciting soap, that glows in the dark, for adding an extra level of excitement to your solo candlelit bath evenings. £20 gets you Uranium, Plutonium and Fallout Shelter variants in a unisex scent. [The Fowndry] Read More >>

Why Those Little Plastic Microbeads in Your Soap are So Bad

This week, Illinois became the first state in the US to ban exfoliating plastic beads. Good for Illinois. Plastic microbeads have been running off by the billions into the Great Lakes and the oceans, causing huge amounts of environmental damage. So what's so bad about these beads? And why did companies use them in the first place? Read More >>

A Woman Replaced Her Soap With a Daily Mist of Bacteria—and it Worked

Since we dirty buggers have already made the case against antibacterial soap, it's time to consider the case against all soap. And showers. Basically all hygiene as we know it in the 21st century. In the latest New York Times Magazine, Julia Scott gives up soap for a mist of bacteria usually found in dirt—and finds her skin has never better. Read More >>

The Case Against Antibacterial Soap

It's been ingrained in us since childhood. Don't want to get sick? Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. But the same compound we entrust to fend off the sniffles could actually be harming us—and creating an army of superbugs in the process. It's time to ban antibacterial soap. Read More >>

Ad Standards Rules Fairy Liquid *Does* Last Twice as Long as Other Brands

One of our longest-running advertising slogans was put in the spotlight recently, thanks to corporate giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble battling over claims regarding the popular soapy liquid's endurance. Read More >>

Shower Gun Lets You Blast Away Filth

If that bar of Zest doesn't provide enough of a thrill during your morning shower, consider upgrading to the Shower Gun. As far as cleaning products go, it's pretty self-explanatory. You fill it with an included bottle of blood-red shower gel, point the barrel at the filthiest parts of your body, and pull the trigger. Read More >>