Here’s An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there. Read More >>

Facebook Belatedly Bans All Trade in Historical Artifacts After Becoming Global Black Market Hub

Facebook has finally said it would now prohibit the sale of all historical artifacts due to rampant black market trade in looted antiquities on the site, per the New York Times – a problem the social media company has known about for years. Read More >>

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Ofcom Plans Powers to Suspend Social Networks Should They Not Act on Harmful Images

Communications regulator Ofcom is preparing for the day it's given the dread responsibility for controlling content across the social networks, and has said it anticipates being able to fine network operators – and possibly temporarily suspend entire platforms – should they not get it together with troubling content quickly enough. Read More >>

Snapchat: Both Black and White Employees Made the Offensive ‘Smile to Break Chains’ Filter

Snapchat apparently wants to make sure people know that both Black and white employees were involved in the creation of the offensive filter, or Lens in Snapchat jargon, it launched on Juneteenth – a day that celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the US – that placed an approximation of the Pan-African flag behind users and asked them to smile to break the chains of slavery. Read More >>

She Built a Shady Guru’s YouTube Army. Now She’s His Fiercest Critic – But Who Will Believe Her?

It was May 2015, and the Hotel Surya in Varanasi, India, was hosting “Inner Awakening,” the flagship spiritual training program of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. To his followers, he is a god incarnate, “His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam,” the living avatar of Shiva, or, as one devotee put it, “the only reviver of authentic Hinduism to the fullest of integrity.” Scandal, including an alleged sex tape, rape allegations, and accusations of shady land deals have plagued the guru’s career, and outside the event, protesters like the pink-clad Gulabi Gang, who combat abuse of women in India, marched through the streets, vandalising Nithyananda posters. Inside though, Inner Awakening attendees, who had paid around $6,000 each for the three-week program, meditated, practised yoga, and gathered to commune and be blessed. Sarah Stephanie Landry describes the 2015 event as a major personal turning point in her life, when Nithyananda himself pulled her out of the crowd, and acknowledged the work she’d been doing to spread his message on YouTube. Read More >>

LinkedIn is Trying to be Instagram Now, Adds Stories Feature

Almost a decade ago Snapchat launched with the 24-hour social media model. In 2016 Instagram did something a little similar with Instagram Stories, which Facebook emulated shortly after. Now LinkedIn is looking to get on board with this not-so-new trend. Read More >>

Twitter Asks Android Users ‘Did You Even Read the Article’?

In its latest push to promote more informed conversations, Twitter is rolling out a new feature for Android phone users that will totally call you out if you haven’t read an article before you retweet it. Read More >>

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EU Demands That Tech Giants Submit Monthly Reports on Combating Fake News

The outbreak of the pandemic has seen the rise of the COVID-19/5G conspiracy theories which the EU isn't happy about at all. And now a couple of senior officials want to see a more proactive approach to nip them in the bud across the internet. Read More >>

God Help Us, the Winklevoss Twins Are Co-Producing a Movie About Their Bitcoin Journey

The Winklevoss twins—the brothers Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stole the idea for Facebook from—are making a movie about themselves, Deadline reported this week. If that doesn’t seem masturbatory enough, rejoice: said film is about how they amassed a net wealth of more than $1 billion by getting really into Bitcoin. Read More >>

Twitter Is Trying to Crack Down on 5G Conspiracy Theories

Twitter shows no signs of letting up on fact-checking false tweets. The social media platform is now labelling tweets that falsely tie the rollout of 5G to the spread of covid-19 with a fact-checking link, Business Insider spotted. This comes just days after Twitter cracked down on US President Trump with a voter-fraud fact check and hid tweets of his that incited violence against protesters. Read More >>

Facebook Mods Sign Letter Protesting Zuckerberg’s Stance on Trump Threats, Conspiracy Theories

A group of Facebook moderators has joined many of the firm’s staff in calling out CEO Mark Zuckerberg over his bullshit refusal to take actions against posts by US president Donald Trump that clearly violate its rules, the Guardian reported on Monday. Read More >>

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TikTok Threatens to Topple YouTube When It Comes to Kids’ Watching Habits

TikTok is home to bite-sized videos and lip-syncing kids prancing around their bedrooms creating an entirely different type of content than what you grew up with on YouTube, and it's catching up pretty quickly in terms of popularity amongst the younger demographic. Read More >>

Facebook Purges Nearly 200 Accounts Linked to Hate Groups and Schemes to Infiltrate Protests

Facebook has purged nearly 200 accounts on its social media platforms associated with white supremacy groups, some of which pushed members to grab their weapons and crash protests against police brutality, according to a weekend Associated Press report. Read More >>

Facebook Workers Ask if Company’s in an ‘Abusive Relationship”‘ With Trump Amid Internal Unrest: Report

As demonstrated by their virtual walkout earlier this week, the people working at Facebook aren’t too happy about the company’s refusal to remove incendiary and misleading posts made by U.S. President Donald Trump. Now, thanks to a slew of internal documents obtained by the Washington Post, we have a clearer picture of just how fed up Facebook’s employees are with management’s penchant for giving politicians a free pass on its platforms. Read More >>

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Blackout Tuesday Is Backfiring

A seemingly well-intentioned gesture of posting black boxes for Blackout Tuesday has backfired spectacularly, unintentionally – or perhaps even purposefully, depending on who’s doing the posting – drowning out information related to the Black Lives Matter movement and its associated hashtags. Read More >>