Culture Secretary Follows Zuckerberg to US Since He Won’t Come Here

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has flown to California to track down Mark Zuckerberg for a meeting, since he flat-out refused to come and answer the government's questions on these shores. Read More >>

Facebook is an ‘Innovator in Privacy,’ Says Guy Who Runs Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is fond of suggesting that all the criticism of his globe-spanning social media empire comes from either the misinformed or the malicious. In fact, Facebook is really all about protecting the privacy of its users! That’s the line he took in a Wednesday interview with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain, CNBC reported. Read More >>

Facebook Suspends Three Pages With Millions of Video Views, Saying They Need to Disclose Russia Ties

Facebook has suspended three video-centric pages run by Maffick Media, a company mostly owned by Ruptly, a subsidiary of the state-run RT (formerly Russia Today) network, CNN reported on Friday. Read More >>

MPs Demand Regulation of Facebook

A cross-party committee looking into the spread of "disinformation and fake news" on omnipresent blue social network Facebook is asking for the site to be regulated, if something like that is indeed even the slightest bit possible. Read More >>

Indian Lawmakers Call for TikTok Ban Due to ‘Cultural Degeneration’

There’s pressure building in India to regulate the shortform video app TikTok, with some lawmakers pushing for the platform to be blocked as a vessel for societal decay. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I Suck and the Problem Is the Whole Site

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose platform has become synonymous with yelling, trolling, and a less-than-stable president who uses it for incoherent rants and threats of nuclear annihilation, is in a tough spot: Many if not most of the criticisms of his site are accurate, and Dorsey’s tactic of choice when responding to them is usually sputtering out a bunch of five-dollar words about how he needs to make unspecified changes. Read More >>

LinkedIn is Pivoting Harder into Video

If you’re like me, you think of LinkedIn as the last place you want to spend time online. It’s chock full of spam, vaguely business-themed blog posts that range from the utterly interminable and insights no one asked for to bizarre rants, and UI decisions that seem designed to conjure up the feeling of a basement cubicle. That’s not even counting the controversy over some of its uses of user data. At best it’s the Dilbert of social media, and at worst it’s the... Scott Adams of social media. Read More >>

Twitter Finally Gives Us a Clue of Just How Few People Actually Use Twitter Each Day

We now have a better idea of just how many people use Twitter’s cursed microblogging service on a daily basis. In its fourth-quarter 2018 earnings, Twitter revealed it has 126 million “monetisable” daily users, up from about 115 million a year ago. Read More >>

MPs Actually Want to Talk to Nick Clegg Now

Nick Clegg is actually getting invited to Westminster parties right now for once, but no one's going to be talking about proportional representation, coalitions or tuition fees. They want to talk to Clegg about his new job as proxy Mark Zuckerberg puppet for the EMEA region, with MPs lining up to ask him what Facebook is doing to combat the... harassment of... MPs. Read More >>

The Tortured Case for Deleting Instagram

There are a lot of reasons to delete Facebook. The company has been violating your privacy and secretly giving away your data for years. Last year, in particular, was a bad one for the company. Still, it’s easy to forget, when thumbing through its endless stream of glamorous images, how one beloved app is a member of the Facebook family: Instagram. And with so many people declaring that it’s time to delete Facebook, you might be wondering when it will be time to delete Instagram, too. Read More >>

Harassment, Transphobia, and Racism: A Look Inside Blind’s Anonymous Chatting Forum for Google Employees

In early January, Google systems reliability engineer Liz Fong-Jones announced she was leaving the company after 11 years, leaving behind, by her account, a half million dollars in stock, to work at the startup Honeycomb.io. An outspoken advocate for inclusion and diversity, Fong-Jones quit citing dissatisfaction with leadership around ethics of products and working conditions. She didn’t specify any particulars, but these issues have been the subject of recent campaigns like the Google walkout over the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment and assault cases, and protests over Google’s involvement in a Pentagon’s AI drone programme. Read More >>

Facebook and Twitter Purge Hundreds of Fake Accounts Linked to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela

Twitter and Facebook both announced on Thursday that they’ve recently removed hundreds of accounts tied to misinformation campaigns with links to Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a call with reporters that the companies were able to identify bad actors on their respective platforms through ongoing information-swapping, the Hill reported Thursday. Read More >>

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MPs Call For Social Media To Be Regulated

A committee of MPs has been looking into the upsides and downsides of social media for kids and teens, and the unsurprising conclusion is that it needs much more oversight. Read More >>

Facebook Is Paying Teens to Install a ‘Research’ App That Lets It Monitor Their Phones

Facebook has stealthily launched a service similar to Onavo Protect, its vampiric psuedo-VPN that claims to protect users’ privacy but actually collects and analyses their data. This time it’s worse – Facebook is targeting teens to install a similar app via third-party beta testing services, in possible violation of Apple’s rules for enterprise developers. Read More >>

UK Kids are Slowly Leaving Facebook, Says Ofcom Report

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to ditch Facebook. The many data breaches, the fact that it basically tracks everything you do, and the fact Mark Zuckerberg has been talking down to the world insisting we just don't understand what Facebook is all about. None of those reasons really matter to kids, really, but that hasn't stopped the social network's popularity from declining amongst the youth of the UK in 2018. Read More >>