18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

Your existence is scattered across the internet. You likely have accounts at forums you haven’t been to in a decade, and social media services so bereft of users they resemble graveyards. And each and every one of those accounts is a potential avenue into your private life for a hacker. So you need to secure them. Read More >>

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Social Media Bosses Battered by MPs for Earning Billions by Enabling Hate Speech

A group of MPs has called in three of the tech giants' leading lights to answer questions about the spreading of hate speech and general abuse through their networks, with bosses from Twitter, Facebook and Google being straight-up accused of making "money out of hate" by members of the Home Affairs Committee. It's enough to make you proud of democracy for a change. Read More >>

Facebook Reported BBC Journalists To The Police Because They Flagged Up Child Abuse Images

Facebook has reported a group of BBC journalists to the police for providing, at their request, child images found while investigating exploitation on the social network. Read More >>

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Are You Quitting Social Media for Lent or Literally Forever?

A press release for a company that sells something says 26 per cent of the people it asked are planning to give up social media for lent -- that's more people than are thinking about knocking booze and the relentless wanking on the head for 40 days. So does this mean social media can now be considered a failed experiment? Have we all literally had it with having to think of interesting things to say about politics? Is it just boring and pervasive and joyless now? Read More >>

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Tweet for the Queen, and £30k a Year

If you think you can grit your teeth hard enough to say nice things about the monarchy all day, here's a nice job -- a temporary Digital Communications Officer on behalf of the royal lot. You get £30k a year for blogging about matters to do with royalty and news about royalty, while keeping your political feelings to nothing more than occasionally spelling out rude words using the first letter of each paragraph. Read More >>

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How to Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

In this day and age, it’s hard to live a full life without logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every now and then. The problem is that they can become a huge waste of time. Read More >>

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Fake News Will Save us, Say Media Dinosaurs

The men, women, and self-aware algorithms in charge of today's massive media organisations think that the "fake news" mini storm could end up being good for them, as they imagine that the readers of the world may now be so fed up of it all that they might turn to reputable organisations and all start paying for properly researched stories. An opinion we might republish with the world "LOL" attached to it. Read More >>

Editing Tweets is a Bad Idea

Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took questions from Twitter users about what they want the company to do better in 2017. Dorsey seemed receptive to one idea that Twitter’s power users have been begging for: the ability to edit tweets. This is an awful idea. Read More >>

US Immigration Might Want to See the Tweets of Potential Visitors

The US immigration people have added a really quite worrying new option to its list of data it asks entrants to the country to provide -- the social media account details of travellers. So be prepared to spend 36 hours in a little room being questioned by a humourless man with a non-ironic moustache if you've ever got Trump to RT a photo of a murderer. Read More >>

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How to Start Fresh Again on Social Media

Drunken ramblings, bad sports predictions, political opinions you’re now ashamed of... there are plenty of reasons why you might want to clean up some (or all) of the social media trial you’ve left behind you in one go, aside from just cancelling your account and starting again. Here are the tools you need to do it on Facebook and Twitter. Read More >>

Use This Secret Trick to Find Celebrities on Snapchat

You wouldn’t say it to their faces, but a lot of the time, your friends are pretty boring. Which is why you need to subscribe to updates from some of the much cooler, more famous celebrities on Snapchat. The way to do it isn’t obvious, but we’ll take you through it step by step. Read More >>

The Best Apps for Sharing Photos Privately

For a lot of us, the only reason you even snap a photo in the first place is so you can share it with family and friends. The problem is, most of the time you don’t want to blast all of your friends on Facebook or Twitter with pictures from your kid’s birthday party. This can make sharing personal photos a little more difficult. Here's a handful of apps that can help mitigate that problem by making it easier to share more selectively. Read More >>

Twitter’s New VP Of Product Doesn’t Really Use Twitter

Twitter recently announced their newest hire: Vice President of Product Keith Coleman, formerly Founder and CEO of startup Yes Inc., makers of social apps. Coleman also previously worked at Google as a product lead, where he worked on services like Gmail and Gchat. Read More >>

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Giant Aubergine Jeremy Hunt Wants Tech Firms to Ban Teenage Sexting

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has called on tech firms, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, to ban under-18s from texting each other raunchy images and racy messages. Read More >>

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Welcome to Your Online Breakup: How to Handle IRL Heartbreak and Your Social Media Headache in 2016

Whether you’ve been together two months or two decades, I think we can all agree that breakups monumentally suck. Read More >>