New Report Charts The Rise of the Silver Surfers

It should come as no surprise that older users love the internet as much as younger ones. In an Ofcom report today it's been revealed that 44% of over-75s use the internet. Those who don't go online are also adamant that they won't change their mind, with 86% saying they have no plans to go online. Read More >>

UK and France Look To Fine Social Networks For Extremism

It's no surprise that the new breed of terrorists have taken to social media to spread their messages of hatred. Like any well-organised troupe of trolls, these cowards hide behind anonymous accounts and share their filth online with anyone who will listen. From videos aimed at recruitment to just flat-out terrifying murders, it all ends up online somewhere. Read More >>

Indie Game Emily Is Away Too Celebrates the Wild West of Early Social Media

Ah, the good old days of early 2000s internet, when you could easily share copyrighted music on YouTube, Facebook poking was still a thing, and Instant Messenger could make or break a friendship. Read More >>

The EU is Fining Facebook €110 Million for Misleading it During the WhatsApp Takeover

The European Commission has ruled that Facebook intentionally misled officials during its takeover of WhatsApp in 2014. Specifically it was misleading about its ability to utilise data, and is receiving a fine of €110 million (£93.8 million). Read More >>

A New Inquiry Wants to Work Out How UK Voters are Targeted on Social Media

Elizabeth Denham, The Information Commissioner, has launched a new investigation into how the UK's political parties are targeting voters through social media. The inquiry comes with a warning that sending political messages to people based on their individual data could be against the law. Read More >>

Tories Want to Let People Destroy Embarrassing Social Media Posts When They Turn 18

Some of you will have grown up before the rise of the internet and the trend of public ally sharing every minute details of your lives. Kids these days don't have that option, and stupid things they say as teenagers could easily come back to haunt them. The Conservative Party wants to give them a way out, if they want it. Read More >>

Study Shows Heavy Facebook Users Have Less Grey Matter

If you're a heavy social media user, it might be because of a particular part of your brain being smaller than usual. Read More >>

Facebook’s Deleted Thousands of UK-Based Accounts in its Ongoing Battle With Fake News

Mark Zuckerberg would probably love to bury any link between Facebook and the rise of fake news, but he can't. The social media titan has been widely criticised for not doing anything about the spread of the false stories, but now it seems to be actively doing something about it. Read More >>

housing crisis
Landlord Offers A Year’s Free Rent For Social Media Idea

A London landlord company is offering a social media whiz the chance to win a year's free rent in return for a clever campaign idea. Read More >>

Happy Ed Balls Day, Everyone

Today marks six magical years since Ed Balls originally tried to search his own name on Twitter, and accidentally tweeted it instead. Read More >>

Science Says You Should Let A Stranger Choose Your Profile Picture

About 1.8 billion people worldwide have an active Facebook account; about a third of employers search online for information about job candidates; and about half of adults who are searching for a relationship have used online dating. Read More >>

1 In 3 Brits Persuaded To Vote By What They See On Social Media

Research into how smartphones and tech improve our lives has shown that social media makes a massive difference to whether or not we vote. Read More >>

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How to Avoid Unwanted Communications on Social Media

That recent tech innovation known as the internet has made keeping in touch with family and friends easier than ever—but it might also have brought you some unwelcome attention from people you’d rather not keep up correspondence with. If you want to minimise the chances of getting contacted out of the blue, here’s what to do. Read More >>

How to Hide Online Better Than the Director of the FBI

Until last week, FBI chief James Comey seemed like a pretty savvy internet user. The guy knows that you’re supposed to cover your webcam with tape to hide from the NSA and WhatsApp is a fantastic way to communicate securely—even if he hates you for using it. But when the numbnuts set out to make a series of secret social profiles online, he elected to use the name of a 20th century theologian known almost exclusively to theology students and political figures trying to sound smart. Read More >>

18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

Your existence is scattered across the internet. You likely have accounts at forums you haven’t been to in a decade, and social media services so bereft of users they resemble graveyards. And each and every one of those accounts is a potential avenue into your private life for a hacker. So you need to secure them. Read More >>