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How to Keep Group Chats From Driving You Mad

There you are, minding your own DM business, when all of a sudden you’re added to a group chat with a bunch of other work colleagues, neighbours, parents, old school friends, or people probably, maybe going to a party in three weeks’ time. You don’t have to settle for this shoddy group chat etiquette – here’s how to stay out of it. Read More >>

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How to Make Your Social Media Feeds About More Than Just Your Boring Friends

Remember when opening up social networking apps was exciting? Now, all your friends seem to post about is politics/their baby/their side business/what they’re eating. The good news is that the best social apps go way beyond your friends and family – there’s interesting content out there if you know where to find it. Read More >>

You Almost Definitely Don’t Know All the Ways Facebook Tracks You

We’re all aware of the deal we make when we sign up with Facebook: we get somewhere to post holiday photos and stalk friends, and Mark Zuckerberg gets to sell your passion for fishing trips to fishing equipment retailers. What you might not realise is how deep or extensive the tracking goes—so let’s shed some light on it. Read More >>

How to Delete Your Online Existence, But Save All Your Data 

Sick of Snapchat? Tired of Twitter? Fed up with Facebook? This is a great time to completely eradicate yourself from social media. All of these online services let you scrub out your accounts if you want a cleaner, leaner life online. Even better, plenty of them let you export your data for safekeeping before you do. So you can always remember that time The Rock answered your desperate tweets or your roommate plastered your Facebook wall with photos of your dog. Read More >>

11 Twitter Hacks to Supercharge Your Tweeting Powers

Twitter may not be having the best of years so far, but it still runs circles around its rivals in so many ways. One of the reasons Twitter is worth sticking with (or making a start with) are the wealth of plug-ins, add-ons and third-party apps built on top of the platform. Here are our favourite tools for boosting Twitter’s usefulness, all of which are quick to set up and free to try. Read More >>

Twitter’s Finally Decided to Display Pictures Properly

Twitter has changed the way it displays images, and will now show entire pictures on your timeline, rather than cropped ones. Or, in Twitter’s words, “We’re making your timeline more immersive by uncropping photos [that we cropped in the first place], so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed [but we decided to ruin].” Read More >>

Stop Apps From Posting to Facebook for You

You no doubt log into lots of apps and sites using your Facebook credentials, but you don’t have to disconnect these apps to change what they’re allowed to do through your account. There’s a separate settings page where you can block apps from posting to your wall while allowing them to stay connected to your Facebook profile. Read More >>

Gmail No Longer Forces New Users to Make a Google+ Account

Google's free email service is great—tonnes of people use it. Google+ isn't nearly as popular, even though new Gmail users have been forced to connect to a Google+ account for years. Now, Google's making that social service integration optional. Finally. Read More >>

Facebook Doesn’t Think Manipulating Users’ Emotions is a Big Deal

If you missed this outrageous study published earlier this month in an academic journal, here's the nutshell version: In January 2012, a Facebook data scientist, along with two university researchers, tweaked the News Feed of almost 690,000 users to display more "positive" or "negative" stories to figure out if "emotions are contagious on social networks". Read More >>

Science Reveals Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Swearing on Twitter

It feels like people are always swearing on Twitter, huh? FastCo reports the work of a team of researchers from Wright State University in Ohio which analysed 51 million tweets by 14 million English language users to figure out the dynamics of how exactly people use profanity on the social network. Read More >>

Facebook Sued Over Private Message Snooping Allegations

Your Facebook "Private" messages may not be all that private after all, with an investigation into Facebook's chat-monitoring habits leading to the social network facing a class action lawsuit. Read More >>

Twitter Worth More Than Sainsbury’s as £619 Million IPO, £8 Billion Valuation Looms

How much are your tweets worth? Perhaps as much as $12.8 billion (or almost £8 billion) if the latest Twitter valuation is to be believed. That makes it worth more than a UK supermarket stalwart, the £7.36 billion Sainsbury's, as Twitter looks to hit the stock market with a $1 billion (£619 million) initial public offering. Read More >>

WSJ: Instagram Will Have Ads Within a Year

While Instagram has just announced that it has reached 150 million active users, it's also revealed that it has plans to leverage that reach, too. Speaking to to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram has declared it will feature ads within a year. Read More >>

Why I’m Building a New Social Platform

Social network sites are big money. Facebook, with its $104 billion IPO and $1b profit (2011); Twitter valued at around $10-$11b; newcomers Pinterest getting $200m at a $2.5b valuation, and the behemoth Google gaining traction with G+. With these and a plethora of other international and niche networks, why would anyone bother trying to launch their own? Because, I’m kind of a knob. Read More >>