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How to Purge Social Media ‘Friends’ So You Can Have Fun Online Again

It now seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that social media is bad—bad for our well-being and privacy, too much of a time-sink, and so on. But does it have to be? Can it be made good? Or, slightly less bad? Shaking up who you follow and share with can do wonders for your social media life, and here’s how to go about it. Read More >>

LinkedIn Launches a New Mentorship Service in a Desperate Bid to Not be Completely Pointless

For 99% of people, LinkedIn is completely pointless. The professional social network feels like little more than a digital CV and a place to add a bunch of people you don't know - who will in turn endorse you for skills they've never seen you use. Read More >>

Facebook Reported BBC Journalists To The Police Because They Flagged Up Child Abuse Images

Facebook has reported a group of BBC journalists to the police for providing, at their request, child images found while investigating exploitation on the social network. Read More >>

Clarkson, Hammond, and May on Drivetribe, the New Social Network for Motoring Enthusiasts

Yesterday Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May publicly launched their brand new social network. It's called Drivetribe, and it's designed to be a place on the internet where people can go and discuss all things motoring. Read More >>

Facebook Workplace Now Exists if You Have Even More Time for Facebook

Facebook's just made its Facebook Workplace thing live for every business or self-employed blogger around the world to use, as the rebranded Facebook for Work aims to replace the telephone and email as the place where tedious inter-office chit-chat and banter happens. Read More >>

How to Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out of Your Facebook Account

Whether someone’s stolen your credentials or you really can’t remember your password, if you’re ever locked out of your Facebook account, there are a number of routes you can take to get back in. One of the most effective needs to be set up in advance: telling Facebook who you trust the most. Read More >>

How to Control Your Facebook News Feed

You can’t complain about Facebook News Feed serving you up stuff you’re not interested in if you haven’t taken the time to customise all of the options and tweaks available. There are more than you might think. From prioritising your closest friends to controlling the sponsored links you see, here’s how to take control of your Facebook News Feed. Read More >>

10 Facebook Bots Actually Worth Chatting With

If you haven’t yet heard, the chatbots are coming — ready to take your pizza order, answer your technical support questions, and even help you respond to your friends’ pictures in the most predictable way. We’re still in the very early days of the bot revolution on Facebook Messenger, but we’ve found a handful that are actually worth shooting the breeze with. Read More >>

How to Check if Someone Else is Using Your Social Media Accounts

If you’ve got a suspicion someone else has gained access to your social media accounts, it’s not difficult to check — and it could mean you’re able to apply a password change before any real damage happens. In fact, it’s worth checking these options regularly just to be sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are completely yours. Read More >>

Vietnam Allegedly Restricted Facebook Access During Obama Visit

It was a big deal for the people of Vietnam when the President of the United States visited their country earlier this week. But sadly, posting about the event on Facebook proved rather difficult. Read More >>

A New Facebook Camera App Won’t Win Anyone Back

People aren’t sharing as much about their personal lives on Facebook as they used to, and so the company is reportedly hoping the launch of a new camera app will help solve that problem. Read More >>

Five Tweaks to Take Back Your Privacy on Facebook

You have to stay on Facebook to see photos of the nieces and nephews and stay in the loop about Friday drinks — but you don’t want to offer up too much of your personal data to Zuckerberg’s all-seeing network. So what do you do? Read More >>

It Turns Out Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline is (Sort of) Real

Last week there was an unholy shitstorm of angry people taking to the Twittersphere to express their disgust at rumours claiming Twitter would use algorithms to sort its timeline - essentially turning it into Facebook. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey then declared that such a thing was not happening. Today, it turns out that it is. Sort of, anyway. Read More >>

A US Court Says Just One Facebook Tag Can Violate a Restraining Order

A judge has ruled that tagging someone in a Facebook post — and the subsequent notification that it generates — is enough to constitute a violation of a restraining order. Read More >>

Periscope Feeds Now Play in Your Twitter Timeline

Despite Twitter owning Periscope, the service’s live feeds only ever showed up in timelines as links that you had to click through to. Now that’s changed, with Periscope feeds appearing and playing with Twitter itself. Read More >>