Cats Really Do Bond With Their Humans, Study Finds

It’s a widely held assumption, even by some cat owners, that domestic felines don’t get much socially from being our pets. But a new study out Monday is the latest to suggest that many cats form healthy bonds with their humans, in much the same way as dogs and human babies do. Read More >>

New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapsed

The indigenous people of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui, experienced a societal collapse after the 17th century because they stripped the island clean of its natural resources. Or at least, that’s the leading theory. An analysis of the tools used by the Rapa Nui to build their iconic stone statues suggests a very different conclusion, pointing to the presence of a highly organised and cohesive society. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Is Deluded If He Thinks AI Can Solve Facebook’s Hate Speech Problem

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days, so naturally we want to throw it at all of our problems. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comment that Facebook won’t have effective tools to filter hate speech for another “five to 10 years” seemed both dismissive and uninspiring. No doubt, it was classic Silicon Valley speak for “we haven’t got a clue,” but Zuck wasn’t being completely unreasonable. Read More >>

People Everywhere Think Atheists Are Bad, Says New Study

Religion has played an important part in countless wars, conflicts, terrorist attacks, murders, and genocides, yet people seem to associate it with morality. In fact, these same people—even other atheists—seem to think atheists are the immoral ones. Read More >>

Newly Declassified Documents Show Nazis Plotted to Destroy Panama Canal

Investigators in Chile have released thousands of declassified documents dating back to the Second World War, revealing the extent to which Nazi spies had infiltrated the country. Among the more shocking revelations is the discovery of a Nazi plot to destroy the Panama Canal—an act that would have changed “the history of the whole world.” Read More >>

Finally a Study Explains Why Rich and Successful People are Often Dishonest 

Is it true that only unethical people make it to the top? At least one study indicates that this is not the case — it’s that winning itself makes people behave unethically. Read More >>

45 Per Cent of People Featured in Memes are White

It turns out that memes are something that white people like. At least, that’s one possible way to understand a recent study of 50 popular memes, which found that there are an awful lot of white people in these widely shared internet joke cycles. Read More >>

Brits Don’t Fear the Apocalypse Nearly as Much as Americans

Market research company YouGov wanted to know how people in the US and the UK expected the world to end. What they found revealed a profound difference between the two countries. Read More >>

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Reddit’s First Orignal Web Mini-Series Is Bold, Intelligent… and Completely Adorable

Reddit's trying out something new: it's launched its own, original mini-series of web videos. Bases on its Explain Like I'm Five subreddit, it explores political and social issues in a way anyone can understand. Read More >>

Study: Tone Deaf People Can’t Hear Emotion In Speech Either

A study by researchers at Macquarie University has found that people with congenital amusia -- tone deafness -- also have a harder time deciphering emotional cues in speech. That's right; if you don't get Bach, you probably don't get your barista. Read More >>

How Facebook Uses You as Part of a Giant Sociological Experiment

Facebook, with its 900 million users, is a social scientist's wet dream: a huge number of participants, all offering up rich streams of personal information. Obviously that hasn't escaped Facebook's attention, which is why it has its own team of social scientists analysing all of our data — and, on occasion, experimenting with us too. Read More >>