Electronic Theatre Ploughs £9m into Becoming the Escape Room of the 2020s

The developer of the Electronic Theatre -- a sort of digital escape room concept -- is looking to take the UK by storm in 2020, thanks to a funding boost of £9m that'll pay for the opening of as many as nine electronic theatres around the country. Read More >>

Car Thieves Caught by Instagramming Poses With Their Stolen Rides

Police have apprehended a group of car thieves in Leeds, after the criminals made the enormous and hilariously modern error of posing with their stolen vehicles for boastful social media images. Read More >>

Berners-Lee Says Enforced Random Social Media Friends Might Make us Behave

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who spends most of his time looking at a computer through gaps in his hands while sobbing "WHY?" to the advertising bots that monitor his webcam, has had a small idea that could make the social media world marginally less corrosive to the souls of its human customers. He says we should be encouraged to befriend strangers, as then we might behave a bit better. Read More >>

GPs Told to Prescribe an Appreciation of the Arts Now

The plan to prescribe more social activities and walks to relieve some of the burden faced by the NHS is to be expanded, with the health secretary saying he's to encourage doctors to tell people to endure some "arts" and then, perhaps, after watching some godawful play for two-and-a-half hours, their problems won't seem to bad. Read More >>

Hacker to Delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page, Live, This Weekend

A Taiwanese hacker is about to hit the big time – or fail in an embarrassingly public manner – as he's preparing to launch a public attack on the personal Facebook profile of Mark Zuckerberg, the man who, you know, invented it. Or at least, you know, copied the idea best and made it legally his own. Read More >>

Grandkid Rental App Wants to Hook Up Lonely Old People With Willing Young

A well-meaning app that pairs lonely old men with willing youngsters could soon launch in the UK, with the ambition of hooking up the elderly with young people able to do chores or just have a cup of tea and a little moan about immigration. Read More >>

Poundland Warns That “Poundland” Should Not be Used as an Insult

Poundland threw a wobbly on the internet yesterday, after the social account manager for the Thameslink rail franchise apologised for poor service by saving its schedules have been "a bit Poundland" of late. Read More >>

Facebook Spreads Public Testing of the Downvote Button

Facebook is giving more people the chance to passive-aggressively vomit their hearts out this week, as reports of a wider launch of the social network's thumbs-down button come in. Read More >>

Government Wants Tech Giants to Auto-Delete Terror Content

Theresa May has said something not to do with Brexit for once, with the PM using a speech at the United Nations to ask today's tech giants and social media kingpins to do more to automatically filter out terrorist material. Read More >>

Twitter Lite is a Mobile Web Twitter That’s Better Than the Real Thing

Twitter's decided that it's all got a bit too complicated out there, and has released an entirely new mobile web version of its site that's all clean white, minimally designed and loses loads of the tat around the edges that no one cares about. It's suddenly become the best Twitter client. Read More >>

London Dungeon is Sorry About What it Did on the Internet

London Dungeon exhibited some of the same social ideals as those once held by a few of its nastier exhibits yesterday, using the cover of Valentine's day to make some ageing sexist jokes that had everyone rocking back and forwards in horror like an animatronic model of a victim of Jack the Ripper. Read More >>

Lego is Now a Social Network Too

The Lego behemoth would like to take control of the parts of your child's life that aren't spent playing with bricks on the floor, with its Lego Life social network now live for the entertainment and sedation of the under-13 demographic. Read More >>

MPs Launch “Fake News” Inquiry

Parliament is launching a serious inquiry into the world of fake news, with a Culture, Media and Sport Committee set to examine whether or not making stuff up for clicks and likes is really having any tangible effect on society. Read More >>

Teachers are Feeling Besieged by Angry Parents on Social Media

A survey of more than 1,000 head teachers has found that many of them are finding the constant pressure applied by parents through social media too much to handle, with more than half of the teachers polled saying the online behaviour of mums and dads is a big issue that impacts upon their working day. Read More >>

Facebook Users Live Longer Because the Brain Thinks They’re Real Friends

A survey looking at the medical effects of having lots of friends has reaffirmed that this is generally a good thing that helps people live longer, and the effect also works even if most of your "friends" are virtual ones on a list on a computer that you haven't actually seen in real life for a decade. Read More >>