A Guy With a Hockey Stick Is the Only Thing Stopping Door-Opening Robots From Escaping

If last week’s video of Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini robo-dog opening doors all by itself had you worried, don’t be. The bot’s creators have done everything possible to ensure the public’s safety by hiring a guy to thwart the robo-dog’s escape attempts using a hockey stick. Phew! One less thing to stress over. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics’ Unsettling Robodog Can Now Escape Through (Unlocked) Doors

The first time we saw Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robo-dog in action, it used its gripping arm to help load a dishwasher. But after getting a fancy new yellow coat a few months ago, SpotMini has apparently since learned how to open doors, enabling the robot, and its comrades, to escape a life of servitude. Read More >>

Uber Board Members Put Aside Differences to Accept Giant Sack of Investment Cash

Uber has struck a multi-billion dollar deal led by investment companies Softbank and Dragoneer. The agreement will not only give SoftBank a major stake in Uber—it is looking to buy up at least 14% of the company—but it will help put a rest to one of the many ongoing battles for new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Read More >>

Alphabet Just Unloaded Its Crazy Robots on Japanese Telecom Softbank

Three years after acquiring the MIT robotics lab Boston Dynamics, makers of Atlas and other scary bots, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is selling it off to Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications company already known for its less terrifying robots like Pepper that might soon be getting some impressive upgrades. It turns out that posting YouTube videos of nightmare-inducing robots isn’t as profitable as once hoped. Read More >>

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IBM’s Watson Will Morph Polite Pepper Into an Ultra-Intelligent Evil Genius

Pepper is super cute and remarkably well-mannered... for now. But that IBM just announced that the talking, emotion-reading robot will interface with Watson, lil Pep could turn into a smiling, evil robotic mastermind; adorable leader of the human-enslaving resistance. Read More >>

Japanese Telecom Companies are Having a Robot Showdown

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) (Japan’s biggest network carrier) announced this week that it’s launching a service that lets a small, talking robot interact with other smart objects in your home. Read More >>

Pepper, the Robot That Reads Your Emotions, Will Be Sold to Consumers

Starting this weekend in Japan, people can buy a talking, person-shaped robot that reads your body language and gets sad when you turn off the lights. Read More >>

Built-in Radiation Detection is Japan’s Newest Mobile Phone Tech Trend

Japanese mobile network Softbank has announced a plan to release a mobile phone that can detect radiation in post-nuclear-apocalyptic areas of the region, and no, it's not just some silly joke app or a clumsy add-on. Read More >>