This Scanner Documents Everything That’s Going on Underground

Dirt is boring. Soil isn’t fun. Who cares what’s happening down there?Josh Williams changed my mind with his SoilCam, a waterproof scanner that’s controlled by a Raspberry Pi. He places it in the dirt so we can see everything that’s happening underground. Everything is so alive! Read More >>

Trees Are Even More Amazing Than We Realised

Trees, is there anything they can’t do? Doubtful. Let’s see: producing half the world’s oxygen, providing habitat for millions of species, creating the soil and timber resources we depend on. Not bad. But all that’s just scratching the surface. As new research shows, there’s a lot more going on beneath the forest floor than we realised. Read More >>

How France Plans to Bury its Carbon Emissions — Literally, in its Soil

French wine lovers have always taken their soil very seriously. But now the country’s government has introduced fresh reasons for the rest of the world to pay attention to their terroir. Read More >>

How a Forensic Scientist Uses Dirt to Solve Murders 

Stuck to the bottom of your shoe is humble dirt that gives away where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. It’s up to science to figure out it out. Nature has a fascinating profile of forensic geologist Lorna Dawson, who has used soil to solve decades-old cold cases. Read More >>

Using ​a 3D Scanner to Explore the Labyrinths of Soil Beneath Our Feet

Researchers at Scotland's Abertay University are getting a brand new look at the seemingly nondescript world hidden in plain sight—the soil beneath our feet. Read More >>

Japan’s £600m Plan to Store its Contaminated Fukushima Dirt

As the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has passed, Japan is faced with another conundrum: Where to store thousands of tonnes of radioactive soil that have been harvested from around the region. This week, officials unveiled a £600 million plan to build a massive storage facility to house the stuff. Read More >>