Solar Capture Technique Turns CO2 Into Burnable Fuel

Engineers at the University of Chicago have created a new kind of solar cell that efficiently converts atmospheric carbon dioxide into usable hydrocarbon fuel—and it does so using only sunlight for energy. Read More >>

Study: Solar Energy Will Be as Cheap as Fossil Fuel Energy by 2016

A new study on solar energy from Deutsche Bank bears very good news. Thanks to technology and innovation, solar energy will be just as cheap as energy from fossil fuels by 2016. That's basically tomorrow, and it's awesome. Read More >>

This Cheap, New Solar Cell Doubles as a Battery

Solar power has an efficiency problem. When the electrons move from the solar panel to the battery that stores them, about 20 per cent of the energy is lost. But now, thanks to new type of solar cell, nearly 100 per cent of the energy is stored. That's because the solar cell itself is the battery. Read More >>

New Light-Emitting Solar Cells Could be Used as Smartphone Displays

In the future, the glass that coats our skyscrapers could also serve as the power plant that keeps the lights on. This is not news. However, with an amazing new material being developed in Singapore, that same glass could also turn your city's windows into skyscraper-sized displays. Read More >>

New Stacked Solar Cells Can Withstand the Power of 70,000 Suns

The power of 1,000 suns? Pfft. That ain't nuthin'. A recent breakthrough in solar panel connections has allowed scientists to create arrays of solar cells that can stand strong under the blazing glare of 70,000 suns. Not that they'd ever have to, but still. Read More >>

Make Your Own DIY Solar Cells From Just Grass Cuttings

Boffins from MIT have been able to turn anything green like grass clippings and other garden waste into low-tech, cheap and dirty solar power generators. They’re taking the photosynthesising complexes out of plants to create electricity-generating solar cells that you could make yourself. Read More >>