Eclipsecane! Solar Eclipse Photobombs Hurricane in Stunning Satellite Shots

Earth had itself a day on Tuesday. Chile and Argentina got a prime look at a total solar eclipse while the Pacific Ocean played host to Hurricane Barbara, the strong storm on Earth at the moment. Read More >>

Thousands of Amateur Radio Operators Measured the Solar Eclipse’s Effects on the Atmosphere

Astronomers and space fans may have set up lawn chairs outside to watch the eclipse, but Nathaniel Frissell set up his ham radio. As the sky dimmed and daylight turned into an uncanny dusk, the reports started coming in: Communication was dying off over the 20 meter (14 MHz) radio band. Read More >>

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This Incredible Time Lapse of the High Plains During the Eclipse Brought Me to Tears

>Folks yak a lot of crap about the High Plains—mainly they complain about it being flat or boring as they drive down the infinitely straight highways. But a tour of places like Western Nebraska or South Dakota reveals a sublime landscape beneath a vast sky, accompanied by the humbling realisation that you are just one tiny human on this very big, stormy planet. Read More >>

What Can Scientists Actually Do With an Eclipse?

Solar eclipses are certainly one of the most striking astrophysical phenomena. The most important light of the day, the Sun, gets blacked out by the most important light of the night. But there’s actually nothing weird or surprising about that—sure, eclipses are rare, but with the Moon close and the Sun far away, sometimes one gets in the way of the other. But who cares? How is that different than a plane flying over your house? Read More >>

Four Incredible Eclipses History Never Forgot

On 21 August, a total solar eclipse will be seen across America—the first one visible coast-to-coast in nearly a century. The whole shebang will last about two minutes and 40 seconds at its longest, which is cool but kind of meh in the grand scope of solar eclipses throughout history. In 2009, for example, a solar eclipse visible in Southeast Asia set the record for the longest one of the century so far, lasting six minutes and 40 seconds. Read More >>

The Next Big Solar Eclipse Is A Year Away But Americans Are Already Planning A Party

With this much planning, you’d think Americans were putting together a wedding. Read More >>

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Stunning Solar Eclipse Image Looks Like the Eye of our Solar System

The March 9th total solar eclipse looked stunning at the time. But now a team of researchers has put together an even more impressive image of the solar corona, that makes the event look like something from Lord of the Rings. Read More >>

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Video of a Solar Eclipse Shot From Plane Looks Wonderfully Apocalyptic

Alaska Airlines changed a flight plan Tuesday just so passengers could see the only solar eclipse of 2016. Now, video of the bonkers in-flight entertainment at 35,000 feet is up on YouTube. Read More >>

Last Night’s Solar Eclipse Looks Stunning in These Captivating Images

Around 12 hours ago the rare astronomical event that is the total solar eclipse was witnessed in Indonesia, while other parts of Asia experienced a partial eclipse. Because you probably missed it, here’s a quick photo roundup so you can start the day in awe. Read More >>

Get Yourself to a Pacific Island for Next Month’s Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipses are marvellous quirks of nature that occur once every 18 months or so. But unless you live in, or are about to travel to, the middle of the Pacific, you’re going to be sitting the next one out. Read More >>

A Total Solar Eclipse Makes the Arctic Look Like an Alien World 

The solar eclipse in March has been photographed to death — from every which angle and even from space. But here’s a late contender for what may be the evocative photos of the eclipse yet: a glowing black dot over a barren snowscape, as captured by astronomers observing the sun’s magnetic field. Read More >>

Photographer and Stunt Biker Capture Epic Photo of Solar Eclipse

Last week's total solar eclipse spawned many amazing photographs and videos, including this shot of stunt biker Danny MacAskill tearing down a hill on the Isle of Skye as the moon eclipsed the sun. Unlike another viral photo of the eclipse, this one's not a fake. Read More >>

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The Best Solar Eclipse Videos

A perfect recipe to enjoy the weekend: just watch these videos of yesterday's solar eclipse over and over again from different locations across our planet and even around the universe. We've collected videos from space, from a place that looks like Hoth on Earth and so many more. Even if you missed it earlier, you'll see it better than ever now. Read More >>

An Amazing View of ISS Crossing the Sun During an Eclipse 

Photographer Thierry Legault shot what may be the coolest view yet of yesterday's solar eclipse: the International Space Station's weird little silhouette flying across a thin sliver of visible sun. Read More >>