South Western Railway Is Looking Into Solar Powered Rail Systems and Has Already Made a Start

South Western Rail is working with charity Riding Sunbeams to trial solar powered rail traction systems. Hence the adorable name. Read More >>

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Energy Suppliers Will Pay for Your Surplus Electricity as Part of a New Government Scheme

The government has followed up on its promise of a new scheme after ending the solar panel feed-in-tariff system in April. Read More >>

This Futuristic Solar Power Plant From 1923 Was Supposed to Light Up the World

Some people here in the 21st century still think of solar power as a futuristic, unproven technology. But solar-powered machines have been around for well over a century. Read More >>

Elon Musk Says His Smart Solar Roof Could Cost Less Than Your Dumb Old Regular Roof

Shortly after shareholders approved the acquisition of renewable energy firm SolarCity on Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that his company’s new solar shingles could cost less than conventional versions of the same thing, even before saved energy costs are accounted for. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Becomes First Plane to Go Around the World Using Solar Power

The question on everyone’s mind: what’s going on with Solar Impulse? Read More >>

Tesla is About to Buy America’s Biggest Solar Energy Provider

Elon Musk is on the brink of acquiring the next critical component in a solar-electric transportation future. Tesla Motors has made an offer to buy SolarCity, one of the largest solar providers in the US — a company founded by Musk’s cousins, which Musk holds a large stake in already. Read More >>

Here’s the First Airport to Run 100% on Solar Power

Cochin International in southern India is the world’s first airport to be run solely on power from the sun. It became totally energy self-sufficient in August. How’s it holding up? Read More >>

James Cameron’s Plan to Fix Solar Panels

When Avatar came out, James Cameron boasted that it would be the first solar-powered movie franchise in history. Now the director, deep-sea explorer and NASA advisor has turned his attention to designing cinematic-quality solar panels for the rest of us. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s New Household Batteries

Tesla unveiled a new product line at its design studio in LA last night. It’s called Tesla Energy and it’s a suite of batteries for homes and for businesses. The existence of the batteries has been one of the worst kept secrets of all time. But we finally have some details. And they’re rather cool. Read More >>

Study: Solar Energy Will Be as Cheap as Fossil Fuel Energy by 2016

A new study on solar energy from Deutsche Bank bears very good news. Thanks to technology and innovation, solar energy will be just as cheap as energy from fossil fuels by 2016. That's basically tomorrow, and it's awesome. Read More >>

Satellite Dishes Can Turn Toxic Waste From Fracking Into Clean Water

In the past few years, earthquakes in Oklahoma have been on the mysterious rise—the state has had more earthquakes than even California. Why? One big fat finger has been pointed at fracking, in which toxic wastewater is injected into wells that can leak and lubricate faults. We clearly need a better solution for this wastewater, and that solution may involve satellite dishes. Read More >>

This Cheap, New Solar Cell Doubles as a Battery

Solar power has an efficiency problem. When the electrons move from the solar panel to the battery that stores them, about 20 per cent of the energy is lost. But now, thanks to new type of solar cell, nearly 100 per cent of the energy is stored. That's because the solar cell itself is the battery. Read More >>

New Crystal Clear Solar Cells Could Power Your Smartphone One Day

The idea of a completely transparent solar panel has always been a bit of a dream. Such revolutionary technology would mean that we could turn windows into power generators and build phones with self-charging screens. Well, guess what? That dream is becoming a reality. Read More >>

Automatic Skyscraper Shades Bend and Fold to Keep You Comfy

It's the very worst part of working in a giant climate-controlled building: depending on the time of day, half of the offices end up roasting while the others freeze to death. How about a smart skyscraper skin that adjusts window by window based on the angle of the sun, saving energy and allowing workers to control their own temperature destinies? Read More >>

UK Solar Powered Buildings Generate Enough Energy to Make Each Person 1,000 Cups of Tea

The UK's solar powered green-credentials continue to go from strength to strength, with the government releasing figures this week revealing that we now have 500,000 solar powered buildings, up from just 40,000 in 2011. Read More >>