The Sun Can Spawn Dangerous ‘Superflares,’ New Research Suggests

High-energy superflares are typically associated with young, quickly rotating stars, but new evidence suggests mature, plodding stars like our own can still churn out the odd superflare. Read More >>

Kazakh Meteorite Reveals Signs of Ancient Solar ‘Superflare’

Scientists have found evidence of an ancient solar “superflare” hidden in a meteorite that was first found in Kazakhstan in 1962, according to a new paper. Read More >>

An Earth-Sized Space Shield to Protect Us From Solar Storms Is Less Crazy Than It Sounds

Every 100 years or so, our Sun gives off a great big belch that sends an intense wave of charged particles towards Earth. This wasn’t a problem in the past, but our high-tech civilisation is now disturbingly vulnerable to these solar storms. A new study quantifies the economic risks posed by these extreme solar storms, while also proposing a super-futuristic solution to the problem: an Earth-sized shield built in outer space. Read More >>

Huge Solar Flare Disrupts GPS Satellites

The Sun’s impact on weather here on Earth is clear: It makes it hot or cold, it powers air currents, it causes water to evaporate making rain, et cetera. But with our increasing reliance on satellites and electronics, you can’t forget its more insidious effects—and some satellites got a taste of those yesterday. Read More >>

This Stormy Star Means Alien Life May Be Rarer Than We Thought

There’s a red dwarf about 35 light-years from here that’s spewing powerful, life crushing solar flares into space. These types of stellar objects are fairly common, leading to speculation that our galaxy is less habitable than we thought. Read More >>

Met Office Launches Space Weather Station… in Exeter

The Met Office is set to add warnings about the weather in space to its armoury of advisories, telling astronauts whether they can get away with wearing the lightweight space suit or should opt for the thick warm one with the furry hood. Read More >>

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The Sun Just Shot Off the Biggest, Most Spectacular Solar Flare of the Year

Yesterday, while most of us were busy going about our day, everyone's favourite flaming ball of plasma decided to give NASA's cameras a little show. More specifically, the Solar Dynamics Observatory managed to capture our Sun's biggest solar flare of the year thus far. Read More >>

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This Is the Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See All Day

The Sun is a constant source of life-giving light and heat, but more importantly, beautiful imagery too. Feast your eyes on the most gorgeous-looking solar flare I’ve seen in ages, and revel in the delightful celestial beauty and power -- pure space porn. Read More >>

Solar Flares Could Cause “Serious Damage to Human Welfare”

Those words come from the UK Cabinet Office's latest National Risk of Civil Emergencies report, which warns that "space weather" is a very real threat to our cosy way of life. Read More >>

Watch Close-Up As Millions of Tons of Gas Erupt on the Sun’s Surface

This video of an M class solar flare condenses three hours of explosion into a dramatic 1-minute video. Read More >>